Destructoid Video Preview- Metal Gear Solid HD Collection (Vita)

Destructoid- The well-received Metal Gear Solid HD Collection is making its way to the PlayStation Vita this summer, sans Peace Walker; the original PSP game can be purchased on the PlayStation Store, although not through the Vita, weirdly. However, it will include touch controls specific to Sony's new handheld.

For those who own MGS 2 or MGS 3 on PS3, the Vita HD Collection also lets you "transfar" content from save games. And it includes all the other content that was present on the console HD Collection -- the Substance and Subsistence stuff, as well as the first two Metal Gear MSX games.

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DJLB21152117d ago

i already pre ordered my collectors edition from gamestop. And im telling u right now if there is not a skin for my vita w big boss as well as raiden on it as well as a cleaning cloth, all hell is gonna break loose at gamestop that day BANK ON THAT lol. The PS store Dl of peace walker has Vita touch screen controls now? wtf?

--2117d ago

I dont mind that PW isn't included, i'm still excited for this.