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Submitted by Emblem180 1375d ago | podcast

Disembodied Voices Episode 39: Zachary Appreciation Day writes:

"Happy Zachary Appreciation Day! Since the always wonderful Zach had a birthday recently, Stephen and Bryan decided that he deserved a special podcast to celebrate his positive influence on this podcast’s very soul. Cameron, of course, is late.

A botched attempt at apologizing via birthday present interrupts an enthralling conversation about Risen 2′s foul-mouthed pirates, during which grammar lessons were learnt, and Cameron shares his own gaming adventures in Arkham City. Resident Evil 4 HD is both deemed impressive and torn to shreds at varying points (not dissimilar to its protagonist Leon Kennedy). Among other exciting events, the Dragon’s Dogma demo leaps out of nowhere with copious amounts of shock and awe, receiving a 3/4 vote of confidence. Predict in Like Pachter ushers in a new era of middling video game predictions from the panelists, closing out the podcast with uncertainty. Disembodied Voices Episode 39: Now with blast processing." (Batman: Arkham City, Culture, Dragon's Dogma, GameCube, Kings Bounty: The Legend, PC, PS3, Resident Evil 4, Retro, Risen 2: Dark Waters, Wii, Xbox 360)

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