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The Vortex Effect: The demo for Spec Ops: The Line is available now on PSN and XBLM (for Gold members, regular LIVE members will get May 15th), and I’ve played through it and now I’m ready to give my impressions on the demo and what we can expect from the game.

First off, I was surprised at the length of the demo; it’s easily 30 minutes, more or less depending on how you play. It starts with a message letting you know that the demo showcases events not in order; this is very much a cut up version and you really have little context. That’s okay, as the demo does its job of giving you a sample of the story and the gameplay.

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mafiahajeri2238d ago

The demo was so bad its not even funny...

solidjun52238d ago (Edited 2238d ago )

Was it really? I'm going to try it out. you're not the first person to say that. What made it so bad?


Thanks man. i'll give it a spin. +1

Adexus2238d ago

I actually really enjoyed it, it doesn't do anything new but overall it feels pretty solid and it has a cool setting.

mafiahajeri2238d ago (Edited 2238d ago )

The enviroment is cool and everything but the gun play is horrid. The animations and cover system were rubbish too. It felt like a really crap Just cause 2 copy BUT hey you might like it go try it and come back and give us your impressions Im pretty sure you wont like it though...

Just an overall slugish feel to the game is what killed it for me.

AusRogo2238d ago

It wasnt that bad at all..

Godchild10202238d ago (Edited 2238d ago )

I found the demo enjoyable. Maybe it was the sound of Nolan North voice. Lol

The graphics are up to par and the look of the faces are unbelievable. I found no issue with the game and that's why it so surprising to hear people calling the game bad without saying what made it bad.

I already had the game reserved, but i think I'll pay it off completely after picking up Resistance on the 29th.

cogniveritas2238d ago

Felt like another United States doing something somewhere in a sandy place game again... but Dubai is a little more upscale of an environment even in the condition the game portrays it. I can tolerate the gameplay, and the demo has me at least slightly wondering "How" and "Why" about the plotline enough to give it a chance. It's up for some tough competition to get a purchase from me. It might earn a rental.

iistuii2238d ago

I found it good. The cover system was fine. Can't see where the hate comes from on this site.

brettyd2238d ago

It was just OK, i got kind of bored towards the end of the demo. Was slightly intrigued by the story though so i may pick it up when its $20 in a month.

Oldman1002237d ago

The only major issues I had with the demo were the screen tearing, lack of AA, and slightly floaty controls. Other than that it's a fairly solid shooter.