ESRB Rates Red Faction II For The PlayStation 3

It looks like the highly acclaimed PS2 game is making its way to the PS3 soon.

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Snookies121992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

Oh no... I hated Red Faction II so much... They messed up so bad with that game. The whole appeal of the first Red Faction and why I loved it so much was because you could blow holes just about anywhere. In this one you could barely dig into anything in multiplayer... It threw all its appeal out the window.

iXenon1992d ago

I've only played a small bit of one of the RF games and it was pretty decent. I don't think it was this one, though

Ultr1992d ago

It was no Red Faction, I agree, but the game is very very great!

NastyLeftHook01992d ago

red faction was really good.

masa20091992d ago

Yeah, this game was not highly acclaimed.
First one was cool, although the sticky aim assist of the PS2 version sucked.
It was before they learned to make shooters work on a pad.

FantasticBoss1992d ago

Highly acclaimed? This game wasn't all that bad but i don't know anyone who agree to call it "highly acclaimed."

hiredhelp1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

I strongly agree red faction 1 was the best. Number 2 wasnt bad but i didnt get same enjoyment.
Much like first chronicles of riddock loved the first series didnt enjoy rest.

Btw. Whatever happend to smugglers run 1 & 2 simply awsome games.

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