Top Ten Worse Plot Twists In Gaming

While the Mass Effect 3 controversy is finally starting to die down the effects of it will be long-lasting. Game narrative will be looked at and criticized even more closely in the future. Although no matter how much certain fans decree the ending to Bioware’s epic trilogy the ending was certainly far from the worse of all time. So what possibly can be worse? Oh plenty. EXTREME SPOILERS ARE TO FOLLOW.

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smashcrashbash2265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )

If you remember in GOW3 the Gods were infected by what was in the box any way so whether Kratos had killed them or not they would have spread chaos across the world.Many people forget that part. Better to kill the Gods and leave hope for the people that remain rather then leave the people in the hands of the corrupted Gods which would have been worse.

Also Kessler did not go back to save Trish which would not have made much of a difference. He let her die so Cole could harden himself mentally and physically to fight the Beast. Also people also seem to forget that this was the version of Cole that was bitter, cruel and obsessed. He didn't care that past Trish had to die if it meant he would become the man that could destroy the Beast. Hell, he destroyed hundreds of people,ruined thousands more lives and tricked his own self into carrying the ray sphere.

If you want to argue Kessler's sanity fine but his purpose was never to save Trish, it was to mold Cole into a person strong enough to stop the Beast which he couldn't do.

Lord_Sloth2265d ago

The inFAMOUS Kessler plot twist is 1 of the greatest I've ever seen in gaming! Did you even pay attention to the game or are you just crying about it?! The game blatantly tells you what he's trying to do by the ending of it!

Bereaver2264d ago

I completely agree. When it ended, I was totally stoked for the next installment. I was, yeah, badass. Kind of like Trunks when he went back in time and fought Goku then told him he will get sick.

Son_Lee2265d ago

inFAMOUS, Star Ocean, and FFVIII were all fantastic plot twists. What are you on, eh?

Nerdmaster2265d ago

I don't know about Infamous, as I didn't play it and I don't know if the plot twist fits the game, but the Star Ocean and the FFVIII plot twits were Awful. Yes, with a capital A.

Fylus2265d ago

Yeah, I agree with All these guys^^^

Not a very well thought out article:/

JaredH2265d ago

I blame the hatred for the RE5 reveal on people going out of their way to find out details before it's released. I didn't know it was her. That's why I watch as little trailers as possible and don't look for details on games I am set on buying anyway.

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The story is too old to be commented.