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Submitted by solkyoshiro 1368d ago | opinion piece

Top Ten Worse Plot Twists In Gaming

While the Mass Effect 3 controversy is finally starting to die down the effects of it will be long-lasting. Game narrative will be looked at and criticized even more closely in the future. Although no matter how much certain fans decree the ending to Bioware’s epic trilogy the ending was certainly far from the worse of all time. So what possibly can be worse? Oh plenty. EXTREME SPOILERS ARE TO FOLLOW. (Fallout 3, Far Cry, Final Fantasy VIII, God of War 3, Industry, Mass Effect 3, PS3, Resident Evil 5, Star Ocean: 'Till the End of Time, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2, Xbox 360)

smashcrashbash  +   1368d ago
If you remember in GOW3 the Gods were infected by what was in the box any way so whether Kratos had killed them or not they would have spread chaos across the world.Many people forget that part. Better to kill the Gods and leave hope for the people that remain rather then leave the people in the hands of the corrupted Gods which would have been worse.

Also Kessler did not go back to save Trish which would not have made much of a difference. He let her die so Cole could harden himself mentally and physically to fight the Beast. Also people also seem to forget that this was the version of Cole that was bitter, cruel and obsessed. He didn't care that past Trish had to die if it meant he would become the man that could destroy the Beast. Hell, he destroyed hundreds of people,ruined thousands more lives and tricked his own self into carrying the ray sphere.

If you want to argue Kessler's sanity fine but his purpose was never to save Trish, it was to mold Cole into a person strong enough to stop the Beast which he couldn't do.
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Lord_Sloth  +   1368d ago
The inFAMOUS Kessler plot twist is 1 of the greatest I've ever seen in gaming! Did you even pay attention to the game or are you just crying about it?! The game blatantly tells you what he's trying to do by the ending of it!
Bereaver  +   1368d ago
I completely agree. When it ended, I was totally stoked for the next installment. I was, yeah, badass. Kind of like Trunks when he went back in time and fought Goku then told him he will get sick.
Son_Lee  +   1368d ago
inFAMOUS, Star Ocean, and FFVIII were all fantastic plot twists. What are you on, eh?
Nerdmaster  +   1368d ago
I don't know about Infamous, as I didn't play it and I don't know if the plot twist fits the game, but the Star Ocean and the FFVIII plot twits were Awful. Yes, with a capital A.
Fylus  +   1368d ago
Yeah, I agree with All these guys^^^

Not a very well thought out article:/
JaredH  +   1368d ago
I blame the hatred for the RE5 reveal on people going out of their way to find out details before it's released. I didn't know it was her. That's why I watch as little trailers as possible and don't look for details on games I am set on buying anyway.
flappersack  +   1368d ago
Kratoscar2008  +   1368d ago
as long as the story is interesting while playing the game i dont care whatever twist the game make, like there are a lot of people that Bash Persona 4 and FF9 for the surprise final Boss (At least in FF9 as the P4 final boss has a reason, as stupid as it is) and suposedly the games dont have a good history just for it.

the mass effect 3 ending controversy was a way to include a DLC true ending patch, and Asuras Wrath and FFXIII-2 are following, so good work ME fans you have just opened the door for True endings DLC for this generation, enjoy it.
Tiqila  +   1368d ago
lol, putting inFamous on that list borders on silly!
best ending/story twist EVER!
M1chl  +   1368d ago
No Heavy Rain? Seriously those games on list have nothing on twist in Heavy Rain. Indigo Prophecy was equally bad, story wise. But I guess that would be too controversial calling a exlusive games to some platform "bad"...
TheLyonKing  +   1368d ago
tbh I never really suspected Shelby from being the killer. So in my mind it wasd a good plot twist.
M1chl  +   1368d ago
Thats kind of spoilre, for people who didn't play the game. But from my impression, that game straight up lying to your face whole the time and then reveals killer which at least for me and many other people which I discussed with doesn't make sense. My opinion...
Campy da Camper  +   1368d ago
@m1cl...if people havnt played heavy rain by now they are not going to.
TheLyonKing  +   1368d ago
FF8 was a great plot twist, to find that the people who you met turned out to be childhood friends you forgot over time and to find out the evil you had been fighting isn't actually so evil.

The ending aswell is amazing squall basically creates an infinate loop where his fate is sealed each time even though throughout the game he thinks he is incharge of his own fate. Its pure writing genious.
I_am_Batman  +   1368d ago
Most people didn't understand the story. It's very complex with the time compression. There were some hints on things most people didn't even noticed. Like the Rinoa being Artemisia or Laguna being Sqalls father.
DragonKnight  +   1368d ago
Rinoa is not Ultimecia. That's a myth created by people with too much time on their hands, latching on to one small mention that Rinoa was already a "sorceress" before getting Edea's powers. If anyone bothered to pay attention to the game's details, they would know that it's impossible for Rinoa to be Ultimecia, as well as have an explanation as to how she could be a sorceress before getting Edea's powers. If anything, Edea is more likely to be Ultemecia even though that is impossible too.

As for Laguna being Squall's father, that was a good twist even though Squall was always Laguna and their cards were similar. What I found more of a twist was that Raine was his mother.
I_am_Batman  +   1368d ago
@DragonKnight: Why can't Rinoa be Ultimecia?
Sorceresses live long enough so it's possible that Rinoa became insane when Squall died. She build her castle near the place where Squall promised her that he'll be waiting for her. In the end battle Ultimecia says "time doesn't wait for anyone no matter how hard you try" maybe because she couldn't prevent all the people she loved from dying.

Rinoa has wings (white) - Artemisia has wings (black). No other known sorceress has wings so why do they have wings? In a video sequence you can see Rinoa surounded by black feathers.

Zell gives Rinoa Sqalls ring which is named grevier. The G.F. Ultimecia is using is called just like the ring even if you rename the ring. When squall tells Rinoa about the ring she says that she'll try to be as a lion. The music that's playing when you fight Ultimecia and grevier is called "maybe I'm a lion".

In Dissidia Ultimecias weapons have the same names as Rinoas weapons in FFVIII. Before Squall fights Ultimecia she says "shall we dance". Just as Rinoa wanted to dance with Squall when they meet the first time.

There are some frames in the end sequence where you can see pictures of Rinoa and Ultimecia alternately it's very hard to see because it's just one or two frames.
DragonKnight  +   1368d ago
@I_am_batman: 1. It is never stated outright that Sorceresses live longer than normal humans, no mention of it is ever made. All that is known about them is that they are the only humans capable of using magic without having to Draw it first from monsters.

2. Her castle's location is irrelevant. She could have built it there symbolically after destroying the SeeD's who were after her. Plus, that location has more meaning for someone like Edea than Rinoa, as that's where SeeD was founded.

3. That quote can't be used as any kind of proof.

4. The wings are irrelevant. We never see sorceresses enough to know if they have wings and, like Rinoa's, aren't always visible. Ultimecia's wings are constantly present, Rinoa's aren't. It's more plausible that the wings are a design choice used to signify entering Angel Wing mode.

5. Ultimecia scanned Squall's mind, the only place Griever actually exists (and the reason the name is irrelevant), to create Griever based on Squall's mind and personality. The music is about Squall because Ultimecia reached into his mind.

6. The Dissidia weapon names have no bearing on FFVIII. It's more likely Nomura was trying to troll everyone because SE know about this fan hypothesis. They even have come forward and denied it outright. Saying "shall we dance" is a popularly used catch phrase by villains and heroes alike across mediums before a battle.

And finally, those pictures are irrelevant. It's like being able to see a face in the Coca Cola logo. What we know about Ultimecia is that she lives so far in the future that no one else lives there. It's hard to believe anyone lasting that long. Her voice and mannerisms are in contrast to Rinoa, and seeing Squall again had no effect on her psyche, though if she were Rinoa it most certainly would have. Had Squall known that Ultimecia were Rinoa, he'd be able to prevent everything easily, and in so doing he would have prevented SeeD from being necessary. There is a mountain of evidence against the theory.
andibandit  +   1368d ago
How is the MGS series not up there. The series has so many confusing twists that one could spend the rest of the year trying to make sense of it.
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solkyoshiro  +   1368d ago
I was never a huge MGS fan in the first place.
r21  +   1368d ago
was this guy paying attention while he played inFamous.
SPOILERS-Kessler went back in time to save millions of the past by sacrificing his future family, simple to understand-SPOILER
solkyoshiro  +   1368d ago
It has nothing to do with paying attention it has everthing to do with intent.

Kessler did nothing when The Beast showed.
Kessler did nothing when The Beast was slaughtering millions.
But when it killed his family he THEN decided to go back in time.

So Trish and his kids dying was clearly the catalyst that made him want to go back and fix it all. If it was just about the innocent lives then he would have done something before his family got involved.

But he didn't. So its pretty clear to me that Trish's death had a lot do with his reason to go back.
r21  +   1368d ago
its not that kesler did nothing, his powers were too weak to fight him off. thats why he went back to the past to speed up his past self's power so that his past self was ready for the beast, unfortunately things go so well ala inFamous 2.
Fylus  +   1368d ago
Exactly. The whole reason he went back was to make his past self stronger so his past self could fight the beast. Don't try to justify your ignorance with even further ignorance.
WitWolfy  +   1368d ago
MASS EFFECT 3!!! Enough said...

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I_am_Batman  +   1368d ago
Gow 3, Infamous and FFVIII (all among my favorite games) were great plot twists. That being said they are the only 3 games I've played from that listso I can't say if the others are good or bad. But as far as my knowledge goes it's safe to say that this article fails.
Whitefeather  +   1368d ago
Who pissed in his cereal? Seems he's more angry than anything else.
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solkyoshiro  +   1368d ago
I'm glad to see that everyone has opinions on my article but remember its just my opinion. There's no great plot twisto meter out there.

These games are on this list because they stuck out from the rest of the game. They stuck out like sore thumbs and just felt wrong. Has nothing to do with a lack of understanding or anger, I simply did not like them. And these are the moments that when I look back at a game I remember them.

Hell Final Fantasy 8 is one of my fav FF's, I own like 4 copies. But the orphanage thing was still head shaking. Same with the Athena reveal at the end of GOW3. No one can justify to me that Kratos's whole adventure is made virtuous all of a sudden because they were corrupted by evil and he was the blade of hope.

Pshh. They screwed with his wife and he killed them all. Period. Neither makes him good nor bad, he's an antihero he doesn't need his actions made right by the cleansing rain of the last minute of the game.
smashcrashbash  +   1368d ago
You notice that was only after Kratos opened Pandora's Box that that Zeus and the others started to turn on him. That shows that they were corrupted before Kratos decided to kill them. Remember his goal was not to kill the Gods from the beginning or else he could have easily done so when he because God of War. I don't think Kratos's actions were any more or less excused then people like Punisher, Spawn or Ghost Rider usually are. Being humanity's hope was just the type of sacrifice any anti hero might have made if it came down to it. Him stabbing himself to save humanity didn't excuse his action, it just showed the anti hero's nature to do good when it comes to things like this.
Hicken  +   1367d ago
Opinion is one thing, but some of this stuff is so in your face that "opinion" doesn't excuse your thinking it's a bad twist. I'll only respond to the ones I've beaten, myself.

inFamous: SO obvious. Kessler failed to defeat the Beast. He tried. He failed. His family and millions of others paid the price. So he goes back in time to make his past self Strong enough to succeed where he failed. Very simple.

FFVIII: A bit more complicated. GFs bestow great power upon their users. Nomura COULD have had it where there was no cost, but that's par for the course, isn't it? Instead, using GFs erases your memories. And they couldn't have killed her "at any time" because they knew very little about her or her motives until given the order to kill her. By none other than her husband. The SeeD they created, inspired by Edea's run-in with Squall in the past, were sent to execute their task once their target appeared. But Squall didn't tel them any more than that, so no one knew Ultimecia was behind it all. Besides, it's not like they didn't have precedent for the Sorceress being dangerous, seeing that one had run Esthar and plunged them and at least Galbadia into war. A little complicated, but not that difficult to grasp, if you're paying attention.

Star Ocean TtEoT: How would you feel if you were told you weren't real? If the life you've led and all the decisions you've made were pointless because you were just a program? And you and your whole world were going to be erased? I'm guessing that would screw with 99% of the world's head. Almost NO ONE would be able to cope with that. "Hey, your universe is just a computer program, and since we've grown tired of it, it and everything in it are gonna be deleted and reset. None of the stuff you ever did mattered, anyway, since you're not real. That cool with you? No? Too bad. You're just a program, too, you know."
SageHonor  +   1367d ago
Infamous had one of the best plot twist this gen.

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