WWE '13 Art Director Says The Game Is "Looking Better Than Ever"

WWE '13's Art Director, B Chambers commented on the way WWE '13 is looking right now. According to him, the game may look better than WWE '12 did.

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StanSmith1988d ago

Heard it all before THQ!

I'd bet this year, they still screw it up, including leaving bugs in the game that should have been fixed 3-4 games ago.

Enmson1988d ago

next year they will say the same thing

CryWolf1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

THQ should have waited for the Next-Gen consoles before release another WWE game cause the graphics are the same as last years wrestling game.

iXenon1983d ago

What? we've seen absolutely nothing from WWE '13 yet

WeskerChildReborned1987d ago

To me, their getting worse each year.

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