The Xbox 720 will still be about games

Int writes: It has been the view of analysts that the next generation of consoles might be the last, and after this point we’d see systems from Microsoft and Sony that are much less games console and much more a machine that does everything. Considering hints about Microsoft’s E3 2012 keynote it might well be their mission to push services more than games already, although this is certainly not the passion of current console owners that plan on buying an Xbox 720 or PS4 primarily for games.

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danswayuk2111d ago

Better graphics, improved AI and plenty of exclusives thanks.

WeskerChildReborned2111d ago

What about improved gameplay or improved physics?

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F7U122111d ago (Edited 2111d ago )

Oh god. The fact that they have to highlight that part is depressing.

hennessey862111d ago ShowReplies(2)
silkrevolver2111d ago

But still, I’m glad it’s still game-centric.
All I want from MS is to invest in some 1st party developers.

user54670072111d ago (Edited 2111d ago )

With all the comments MS have made latley I highly doubt it

Oh it will still have games on it thanks to multiplatform games and the odd exclusive (Halo/Gears/Fable etc) would be silly to say it wouldn't have any games at all but I think MS will aim the nextbox towards being a bigger multimedia console where half the features won't interest most gamers.

It's like MS can't be arsed to keep going in the gaming industry because they've figured out thanks to Nintendos success with the casual that theres a bigger audience out there and with a bigger audience comes more money. However I think they don't want to drop out and create a new product because they'll know most of the audience they have will leave them so it's like they are trying to change the gaming industry where they will benefit the most from.

I suppose it's already working with sales and how much the company makes being such a big issue with gamers today even though it has nothing to do with us...just shareholders and buisness men.

As for "Kinect 2.0" being built thanks, I really don't want to pay more for the nextbox when I know for a fact I won't like the feature. Havent bought a Kinect now so I don't see why MS would force me to pay extra for there next console because they've built in Kinect 2.

BitbyDeath2111d ago

MS will need new IP's as Gears is finished.
I doubt we'll see a new one and even if their was MS only bought the rights for the first 3 games so it'd likely go multiplatform unless MS coughs up more money to resecure it.

New IP's is the way to go nextgen.

biRdy2111d ago

coughs up money? I'm pretty sure they can fart it out as well with all the money they have.

cstyle2111d ago

Dude, Gears will never be on Playstation as long as Cliffy B is involved, and the series is hardly finished. Lots of stories to be told there. Why waste money on buying studios right now when any 3rd party title developed will launch on the 720 anyways. Sony is the one that needs to a little worried because they won't have Blu-ray advantage anymore , plus they will be going up against the next version of kinect and an improved xbox live service next gen.

BitbyDeath2111d ago

@Cstyle, what does Sony have to do with this?

If you want to talk about Sony you should do so in a Sony article.

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The story is too old to be commented.