Top 3 Wii U System Sellers

With the Wii catalog at its weakest point and Nintendo itself posting its first loss in 30 years, the Wii U launch is more critical than ever. How can they ensure that gamers will flock to their new system and invest in this new console? High quality exclusive games are the answer.

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PopRocks3592236d ago

There was no mention of Pikmin in this article...

BootHammer2236d ago

This is true, it was just my personal top 3 picks. I'm sure Pikmin will be really awesome but I'd still lean more towards a new F-Zero or Metroid if I had the choice.

Tenkay232236d ago

The only system seller there is Mario. System sellers are the ones people buy consoles for. The 5 Mil sellers (random number). Metroid is my favorite IP next to Zelda but it hasnt surpassed 2 million sales more than once (Metroid Prime sold 2.1 million) Same for F-Zero. I love these games though.

System sellers are usually

Super Mario _____
Mario Kart
Mario _____
Donkey Kong
Smash bros.

TrendyGamers2236d ago

Wii U Sports will probably help move a few consoles as well.

Darukain2236d ago

Too be honest, more people played metroid compared to pikmin.

ronin4life2236d ago

His point is that pikmin has already been confirmed.

ATi_Elite2236d ago

Why are we even having this conversation!

You send in the Heavyweight Mascot Champion of the World to move consoles on day 1.

You make a game that would take advantage of all the WiiU new features along with taking chances on gameplay innovation.

You can bundle him in or sell him separate but either way Mario is gonna move units cause he's a BOSS and has no problem putting Nintendo on his back and carrying them to the promised land by himself (see N64/Gamecube).

I can't think of a better system seller than Mario. He has the flexibility to do new things while staying true to the past. He has a proven track record and is a household name.

They don't call him Super Mario for nothing!

PopRocks3592236d ago

I love Mario (more than the gamers who actually think the franchise has gotten stale). But I love Pikmin as well and we haven't had a legitimate Pikmin followup since Pikmin 2 on the GCN. Pikmin is one of the reasons I loved owning a GCN. That was just such a fun and unique game. Nothing would please me more than to hear of Pikmin 3's announcement as a launch title for the console.

Y_51502236d ago

Nintendo has a lot of system sellers, so F-Zero would be awesome but a system seller? I'm not sure if it would be (I would buy a Wii-U @launch with F-Zero) but I think a new Star Fox game that stays true to the classic gameplay would suit more of a top system seller!

BootHammer2236d ago

Star Fox would be fantastic ;) I really hope it's already in development. This would be a system mover as well!

vividi2236d ago

I am dreaming for a new star fox game, WiiU seller for me

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guitarded772236d ago

Nintendo's exclusive franchises are clearly its system sellers, with Zelda being my number 1 motivation. I just want confirmation of some sort of trophies/achievements.

BootHammer2236d ago

That's a good point, surely they will include trophies and achievements. I really wonder how the online presentation is going to perform.

AWBrawler2236d ago

I couldn't care less about acheivements, trophies, or as 3Ds calls them, Accomplishments, but you guys want them for some reason, so I won't complain.

I just want the option to turn them off or the option to not have it pop up on screen when i do one. I don't need that false replayability.

Instigator2236d ago

Zelda, Starfox, Mario Kart or SSB would arguably be much bigger system sellers than F-Zero, and possibly Metroid. Then again it would be crazy to expect any of them other than Starfox at launch, so those three are pretty solid 1st party titles most likely to release in the launch window.

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