CES 2008: The best of LCD HDTVs

Richard Lawler writes:

"Whether plasma is back, or never left is up for argument, but don't think LCD took CES 2008 sitting down. Vizio upgraded the specs on its bargain LCDs, and even Panasonic showed some love. PDP protoypes might have been bigger and skinnier, but 2008 is the year we'll actually be able to buy a 108-inch LCD from Sharp, a 1.5-inch thin screen from Hitachi, or even a Quad HD panel from Westinghouse."

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level 3603964d ago

It's good Sony was in the line-up, cause I just got me a Bravia Full-HD and thought, Wow! the pictures are really good.
I was just used to my old and trusted 12year old CRT tellie, and did'nt want to join the marketing hype surrounding Plasmas and LCDs.
But I also wanted to get a Sony PS3 console this year ( it's GranTurusmo's 5: Prologue's/ upcoming "real-deal" GranTurismo 5 fault really - just pre-ordered the Blu-Ray copy here in Australia ).
So when they released this "buy any LCD screens listed on Sony's website - you get a PS3 console for *Free" that was it, gotta get me one of those.
A good deal indeed, in a way I needed a new tellie and I got my console and it's totally free.
And this Full-HD signal thing is actually good as well, very crisps colours and the LCD is good for my games.