US PlayStation Store Update 5/8/12

PlayStation Blog: It’s a good day to be a PlayStation gamer. Not only do we get to celebrate the release of Starhawk as well as the news that all future Starhawk map packs will be free (watch this space for when they’ll be dropping), we also see a ton of great content arriving on the PlayStation Store!

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Emilio_Estevez2141d ago (Edited 2141d ago )

Kind of a weak update this time. Datura does look interesting though. Good deals too.

Nimblest-Assassin2141d ago

All Starhawk map packs will be FREE?



BattleAxe2141d ago

I'm waiting for StarHawk to become a digital download before I buy it. i was hoping it would have been on the PSN today, but no luck. I find it strange that EA, Ubisoft and Capcom have been the leaders for releasing full games on the PSN, and yet Sony is trying to promote the PSN but they barely release any of their exclusive games onto their very own store....

thehitman2140d ago

@ battle Sony has the most PSN Games on their store .... I dont know where ur looking or getting facts from. Either way after I purchased Warhawk and a lot of other games from the PSN digitally I find it better to have the physical copy just because if you want to go to a friends and play its easier to do so.

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yesmynameissumo2141d ago

Pixeljunk Shooter for $1 is insane.

Frenza2141d ago

And unfortunately that is US only.

tawak2141d ago

im from canada and i got em all

whothedog2141d ago

I just got shooter 2 and racers to complete the set. PixelJunk games are great. Especially Monster :X

Der_Kommandant2141d ago

I'll need some illegal substances to play Datura

DeleteThisxx2141d ago

I'll need some illegal substances to convince me to buy Datura.

Lack of Vita content in the store is truly getting to me.

smashcrashbash2141d ago

Why not just play the games they gave you in the first place? There are at least more then twenty of them.

DeleteThisxx2141d ago

Gee, I don't know? Maybe because I want quality titles? Sure, entirely subjective, but to me, everything that has been offered post-launch is garbage.

GribbleGrunger2141d ago (Edited 2141d ago )

what is it with some people? when i bought my Vita i knew there wouldn't be that much content for me because my tastes are very specific. so although i'm still waiting for LBPVita, Sound Shapes and Gravity Rush, i'm quite happy to replay Golden Abyss, use Twitter and Facebook. i'm a realistic person and realise that the industry isn't centred around me.

juanvan2141d ago

Goes with any launch console - The fact that SH and MGS are not out yet..
And Pure Chess in the US - b/c that would be nice as well.

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smashcrashbash2141d ago

@ projectsik. You are damn right it is subjective. Many VITA titles have gotten above average scores. If that's garbage then I want to know what you think of a good.

EmperorDalek2141d ago (Edited 2141d ago )

Above average isn't exactly quality. Uncharted is the only game that's worth getting on Vita (and that's pushing it), most of the others have either got a version on PS3 (SSD, Wipeout), or is above average.

I guess if you call games like Unit 13 quality, they might be good. But you don't get a new console for "good" games, you get them for excellent, console-defining games. And so far the Vita has none.

MySwordIsHeavenly2141d ago

Escape Plan
Wipeout 2048 (Best Wipeout)
Mortal Kombat (Best Version)
MLB 12: The Show (Best baseball game ever made)

DeleteThisxx2141d ago

Not my shtick, sorry.

Escape Plan
Purchased this day one, it's okay, nothing more, nothing less.

Wipeout 2048 (Best Wipeout)
The best? Have you played any other wipeout. It's good but hardly anything that pushes it past previous releases.

Mortal Kombat (Best Version)
Best version? No. Just because it includes all of the content and some extra challenges certainly doesn't make it the best.

MLB 12: The Show (Best baseball game ever made)
Baseball games suck. Sport games suck. #truth

phantomexe2141d ago

What kills me about the vita is all the features that missing that were a no brainer at release. ps1 support come on.... i understand it comeing i really do but wouldn't it of been a buying plus at release. I picked up a vita a week after release and got uncharted since then nothing. Really i enjoy sony products but the vita should on been delayed.

Ult iMate2140d ago

Unit13 is an excellent game. It's the first shooter since BLACK that really appealed to me. Huge levels with many different routs to the goal. The shooting is great, the fights are hardcore.
But the likes of you only think that excellent game is that with 10 bazillon bucks for PR and advertising. And that is sad.

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DeleteThisxx2141d ago

Above average doesn't = great, my friend. Remember that. No need to get snippy, the only titles that released post-launch that I see getting ANY "amazing" scores is Mortal Kombat... Sorry, got that on my PS3 and I prefer my fighters with an arcade stick.

Seriously dude, stop acting like I'm attacking you or something, if you're satisfied with the shovel-ware garbage on the store and the lack of games on the market for the system than more power to you. I know the Vita will shine, I'm not saying it's doomed. But as far as my relationship with the Vita RIGHT NOW, it's non-existent because I already played/completed the five launch titles I felt like purchasing. There's nothing out right now that I want and the only things that I'm looking forward to is Gravity Rush and Resistance.

thehitman2140d ago (Edited 2140d ago )

you played/completed 5 games from launch... just on the vita alone and it launched in um dec 17th... so thats just under 6 months and almost a game a month. I can say I own a ps3/gaming pc and dont buy/complete a game a month so if your really dissatisfied with the vita then you might want to find a new hobby.

DeleteThisxx2140d ago


First off, you don't complete or buy a single game in a month and you're telling me I need a new hobby? Oh, the irony!

Excuse me for being able to juggle my free time and my responsibilities. Not my problem if you're incapable of doing the same. I too, game on every single platform (PC/PS3/360/3DS/DS/PSP/Vita) I ENJOY games and I ENJOY playing on my handhelds even more because now that I find myself out of the house more so than in it, I satisfy my gaming needs on the go.

I find the Vita to be rather lackluster at this moment and there's no denying that. I WANT more games to play, I'm willing to give my money for games whatever chance I get because I have that disposable income. Problem is: the Vita isn't allowing me to do so. And before you all throw the "fanboy" card, I buy every single game that is available on PS3 for my PS3. I am an avid Sony supporter. Don't tell me how to scale my enjoyment. The most fun I had on my Vita was with Rayman Origins and guess what? I have that on my PS3 too! Wouldn't have had to buy it twice if the system actually launched with the ability to play PS3 games like it was advertised to.

DFresh2141d ago

That mention of all Star Hawk (PS3) DLC will be free caught my attention.

You don't see stuff like that on consoles this generation.

Gaming Industry take notes.

This is how you treat your fans well.

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