Awesomenauts Review (PlanetPSX)

From the PlanetPSX review:

"When I first stumbled upon Awesomenauts, for some reason it reminded me of the classic 80’s properties, when one lone hero would go through space with his band of misfits, solving stuff on a weekly basis while providing a slight moral lesson for the kids, but nothing that would overshadow the genuine fun. You know, like Thundercats or Bucky O’Hare, that sort of thing. Or maybe it was just the 80’s style theme song, which had me thinking about how cool the MASK theme used to be."

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LaurenKB1232145d ago

Looks right up my ally...

stevenhiggster2145d ago

Personally I thought it was crap, glad I got it free and didn't pay for it.