What We Expect from Microsoft at E3 2012 (More Halo 4, Black Ops 2, GTA V, Kinect titles...)

GameDynamo - "With all the rumors that have been floating around of late, everybody's curious as to what they're going to do, particularly in the face of Nintendo's impending Wii U launch. Today, we're going to take a close look at Microsoft's offerings - which will, one way or another, put to rest once for all those pesky rumors about the Xbox 720 (we hope)."

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maniacmayhem2209d ago

Very curious as to what the heck they're going to show at E3.

I'm really looking forward to this years E3. See you guys there!

LOGICWINS2209d ago (Edited 2209d ago )

Expect a PS Sharpshooter like accessory for Kinect for shooters. Microsoft needs to swallow their pride and start implementing peripheral devices with analog sticks and buttons. Thats the only way they will get the core to jump on board with Kinect.

It's not too late for Microsoft to change their slogan from "You are the controller" to "Kinect with your games"

I bet if this happened and some dude used the gun to do melee in the game via Kinect, the media would be like "WOW...this is revolutionary"...even though KZ3 has been doing it for a year lol.

But where Kinect CAN get the upper hand on other motion devices is by implementing hands on and hands free motion control at the same time. For example, you shoot with the gun...but you throw grenades with your left hand by simply performing a grenade throwing gesture. You'd also be able to use your left hand to grab objects, enemies etc.

2209d ago

Through Kinect has indeed more potential to outdo Eye/Move (thanks to multiple cameras/IR camera that could feed the system multiple images to be worked as separated multiple inputs), PS Eye can track hands on and hands off too. Any camera really can. Just because there's a lit glowing ball in the field, doesn't mean the camera stopped seeing the rest of the image, and the software keep receiving the whole image to be worked on.

If I remember correctly SOCOM 4 was supposed to have the function to throw granades with movement (I can be wrong through) but didn't in the final version, the problem is the memory it takes to work another input system.

Other than that, I agree with you, just like Sony had to take the plunge and add Move to make Eye/EyeToy relevant, MS will have to do the same sooner or later.

It has nothing to do with Kinect alone being good enough or not. It has to do with the way we play games and which games we play the most.

Wii had the advantage of being the new cool toy when it first came out, so people didn't mind the limitations and tons of party games, but even Ninty had to add the Numchuck down the road to make good games work properly.

Although there is ways to control everything with motion, as Edonus pointed, it's simply not as practical as a controller. Think of a shooter. You need your hands pointing to aim, but also to point at a proper area to indicate that you want to move your character there... How the hell are you going to move and aim at the same time? Is it fast enough to cope with the nature of the game genre?

The triumph of Move/Sharpshooter is to take the aspects motion exceed buttons and where buttons outdo hand movement. The system is not perfect, but it's fun and work porperly, to the point many consider it cheating, like bringing a mouse to a gamepad fight.

I really hope MS presents some accessory to go with Kinect, so we can see more devs (third party) taking advantage of what's just a fun setting. But I don't know if they are still interested in Kinect enough to do that... Everyone seens kind of tired from motion controls.

joab7772209d ago

it will b the same as last year. Insert halo 4 for gow3 and black ops2 for mw3, a few kinect games for a few more kinect games and wa la...E3 2012. Im not being funny. Microsoft knows that it is very strong in multiplatform dominance (though mw3 on ps3 made a strong statement to the contrary). If u add the juggernaut that is halo 4 to the slew of multiplatform games, Microsoft can bascially skate through another E3, getting 1 year closer to the next gen reveal.

Would you ne disappointed to see Black Ops 2, GTA5, AC3, Borderlands 2, Bioshock Infinite (though again, levine may appear at sony E3), Skyrim dlc possibly, and many possble new games that are multiplatform. And then see a long Halo 4 reveal? Even Nintendo will reveal a dated console possibly with mario and donkey kong along with multiplatform games that many are saying will be no better than 360 except for gadgetry...which xbox has in droves now.

I think Sony has a great chance to excel this year...but i hav been saying it for 2 years now. Microsoft sits back doing very little exclusive wise, taking all of Sonys best shots, & while sony is gaining ground and making many hardcore gamers happy with their loyalty to production, Microsoft remains ahead. They know this.

I wont be unhappy with their E3 because somewhere in the recesses ofmy brain I am convinved that microsoft has a master plan and is using this time to do something amazing in the next 2 years. Either that, or like the games they represent now, they are getting lazy sitting at the top (this is not a knock to 343, as halo looks to be something special), but it is no secret that a particular genre (fps) & a particular gamer (10-18 yrs) have kept xbox at the top. That and xbox live. I think someone in the windows department realized that the xbox and its popularity could b used to further microsofts bigger agenda regarding the future of operating systems and mobile phones. Just look at the new ui, games are like 5 clcks to the right as priority has obviously shifted. I am fine with that if my thoughts are correct and microsoft comes out swinging next gen. My worry is that they forget what made them so popular in the first place, that they are convinced that merely offering a low cost console with great multiplatform games will win the day because of all the added entertainment content. It may be true, but its a depressing thought.

Anyway, im not worried about E3 2012...its much more important for Sony and Nintendo, but ask again next year. Next year, i may begin to get a little apprehensive.

KILLERAPP2209d ago

This MS to lose, next gen is coming and Sony has built up a powerhouse of first party this gen and Nintendo has a powerhouse too.MS has lost bungie and most of the first party studios have been shut down. Once next gen hits there won't be the one year gap between PS4 and 720, that means MS won't have a lead they had this time around. If this gen prove anything is that third party exclusives are dead and MS has almost no first party. They will also don't have the 10 million sold gap that gives them leverage over Sony in order to get exclusives. So MS will be left behind, but hey they will still get 3 month exclusive dlc...

joab7772209d ago

I agree that it is very important how they handle the next few years. They cannot forget what made them so popular or try to ride the coattails of 3rd part multiplatform games. I think that they think that people are going to be looking for something that does more than games, a complete entertainment console. Just dont forget ur games. Blu ray will be nice, i guess but remember that sony is working on the next data disc that can be used with much higher resolution televisions so...i guess we will see.

SignifiedSix2209d ago

Enough with these articles. We cant tell the future, can we? We don't know whats going to happen. I just hope they reveal a deep, dark secret ;)

FarCryLover1822209d ago

Halo 4, GTA V Timed exclusive DLC :/, Skyrim DLC Demo, Black ops 2 demo. Kinect stuff, new apps. Don't get me wrong, I play Xbox and like it, but the way Microsoft has been lately...I'm not too excited. Paying for exclusive timed DLC makes no sense to me at all.

OneAboveAll2200d ago

It's going to nothing shown for us hardcore gamers. Only the Kinect noobs.

Where are the fucking exclusives?