Recent Poll Shows Dramatic Change In COD Generation Gamers

PushStartSelect: "I was visiting another website lately and they were doing a “survey” like poll about what the greatest game of all time was. It wasn’t the greatest game of today, or last week, it was literally all-time. You can type in a name of any game ever made and submit the vote. Of course I went ahead and voted for Metal Gear Solid, it actually made the list somewhere, and I was expecting similar games to fill the list. I wasn’t expecting MGS to win, especially when you have games like Pac-Man, GTA, or insanely classic titles before it all up for grabs to take its spot. However the poll has shown how the new generation of gamers has changed things entirely. Over 100k votes, and not a single “classic” title made the list and a good majority of them were left out of the top 100 entirely. "

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ZoyosJD2260d ago

COD has become the entry series into gaming for this new "casual generation". Its their equivalent of the classic games that got us older gamers playing.

There are just more people entering into this industy than ever before.

The thing I find most upsetting is that these new casual players are unwilling to experiment...I have a pile of games and every time someone comes over who doesn't mind playing, they go staight for COD despite the fact that they have already put days into the game on their own system.

Amazingmrbrock2260d ago

I find many people that are really into cod or bf complain about other games not looking realistic enough. Usually their just stylized in some fashion, cell shaded, fantasy, sci fi based. Unless it's attempting 1 for 1 real world representation many of my friends say it's garbage. They don't even want to try the game just because of how it looks. When did how a game looks become soooooo much more important than game play that you won't even try it.

ShaunCameron2260d ago

<They don't even want to try the game just because of how it looks. When did how a game looks become soooooo much more important than game play that you won't even try it.>

Well this is the result of developers and gamers (namely PS360 owners) wanting games to be more um.... realistic?

telekineticmantis2260d ago

about it for awhile, a bunch of gamers toting the line between gamer and casual fan. I'm sure LOZ's reputation alone got it to surpass COD and BF, otherwise it would of fell down in shame like Halflife.

GraveLord2260d ago

I'm not a casual player yet I play MW3 all the time.

Why? It has the most replay value and its the most fun.

ZoyosJD2260d ago

Your infering something I never said. Coralation does not equal causation.

As I did infer, the casuals are unwilling to experiment. Now, if COD (and maybe madden?) was all you played and you played it leasiurly I might be more inclined to call you a casual gamer.

P.S. I don't care why and your opnion differs from mine anyways...The only value I see left in COD is the community of friends I've built playing it. As far as I am concerned any game with MP has just as much replay with friends; hence the community.

cemelc2260d ago (Edited 2260d ago )

You know that any game with multiplayer has that exact same replay value right?

Gamer-Z2260d ago

I don't really consider those people to be gamers, its just like my friends they always pick COD, Madden, or fifa, the funny part is they dont consider you a gamer unless you have those games @[email protected]

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deletingthis346753342260d ago

Meh. I don't know what to say anymore. Video games have been my favorite hobby since the SEGA Genesis era, but most games nowadays just...suck. Mostly everything is either a shooter, a driving game, a sports game, a AAA blockbuster cinematic action game, or some crappy soccer mom junk you see on Facebook. It is sickening. Video games are turning to manure aimed at the lowest common denominator, just like how movies did 10 years ago. The only movies I watch nowadays are whatever is on TV, and NONE of them have compelled me to own.