Trick Kill: How to play dead in MW3

Some gamers like to do what is some times called trick shots in games like Modern Warfare 3. These trick shots most the time are a combo of buttons that effects the game in trick like way.

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xAlmostPro2079d ago

This is not news..

Play dead has been around since cod 4, i can't remember when people didn't use this for intense matches of S&D or to mess around being a 'ninja' in that game.

Neko_Mega2079d ago

Wouldn't your name show up and that would give away that you aren't dead?

blinkingfast2079d ago

not if you use the assassin pro perk. no names show up and no red cross hairs.

RXL2079d ago

^yeah...i don't get it?..

i guess i don't play COD enough to understand..

maybe it's mimicking the second chance perk?

Wick2079d ago

I don't really get it either, but I'm not that well-versed in the world of CoD.

Lord_Sloth2079d ago

It's not that hard to get. You play dead, players run by you, ignoring your corpse, and you shoot 'em in the back. I don't play it either but the concept of "play dead" has been around as long as dog tricks.

On another note, it was a legit feature in MGO.

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