Game Over for Tomb Raider boss

The Sunday Times, January 13, 2008, by Louise Armitstead

The game is up for the management of SCi Entertainment, the embattled games publisher and owner of the Lara Croft franchise. Furious shareholders have demanded their resignation in the wake of the company's latest profit warning.

Meanwhile, it emerged that SCi will be forced to borrow at least £30 million to stay afloat until the end of the year.

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Fezthebest3960d ago

that sucks, but i think they kinda deserved it.

KidMakeshift3960d ago

I wonder if Lara had to put down a second mortgage on her mansion

level 3603959d ago

The game has got to the point that it has become monotonous, boring, same old rehash etc... They should have seen that from the start.
The series has reached it's peak and there was'nt anymore that could be squeezed from this once glorious franchise.
They need to put this back in the cabinet for awhile ( possibly a few years ) get some new blood, put your innovative thinking caps on and move forward with a new game.
You all deserved everything from the last ounce of money that you got from Lara.

Enigma_20993959d ago

... she's sinkin' fast, cap'n!