9 Minutes Of Metal Gear Solid HD Collection On PS Vita Released

Those of you who are interested in picking up the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection on the PS Vita may want to view this video as 9 minutes of footage for the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection on PS Vita has been released.

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Wick2237d ago

I played MGS 3 yesterday, but only for a few minutes. It was really impressive, and truly looked like the console version (PS3/360 HD Collection, that is.)

Solid_Snake372237d ago (Edited 2237d ago )

wait why isnt pw included?



wth man that doesnt make sense at all... It was remastered too, it fitted Vita perfectly...

AdmiralSnake2237d ago

Probably because of the PSP version

Wick2237d ago

I asked the Konami rep, and mentioned that I figured it was because the game was originally released onto the PSP. He said that was true, but they also wanted to focus on just MGS 2 and 3.

Akuma-2237d ago

These are the definitive versions of mgs 2 and mgs 3. First day buy for me. This destroys the 3ds version

Kinger89382237d ago

Awkward pointless touch and rear touch intergration, and quite lengthy pauses between codec, cutscenes and play! And theres a lot of that in mgs so unsure if that may get annoying!

Ashame it doesnt come with peacewalker , obviously we could dwnload the psp version but why not have it in a better resolution! It was made for a handheld so would have worked on the vita well!

jony_dols2237d ago

Well considering the Vita doesn't have L2 & R2 buttons, these controls are useful & seem to be implemented well.

Soldierone2237d ago

I'm disappointed peace walker isn't in it, and yet its the same price as the PS3 one. They could have at least put MGS1 on it, since you know they don't have to worry about Xbox with Vita....

blackbirdi2237d ago

I thought it will Run at [email protected] but it seems to Run on 30fps

ooquis2237d ago

sorry mate....that is so smooth it can't be 30fps. And to be honest this must be the most excited iv'e been for a vita game. Haven't played mgs 2 since 2004 and can't wait to get a go at it again.

MasterCornholio2237d ago

I just hope that the Vita version of MGS3 has a smoother framerate than the 3DS version because that port was extremely choppy sometimes.


blackbirdi2237d ago (Edited 2237d ago )

@ooquis the 3ds runs on 20fps that's why the vita version looks too smooth for you...let's wait what digital foundry say and we will see ...who's right

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