LAG: Boobs, Guns, Call of Duty and Halo

LAG says - Halo and Call of Duty know how to put guns and killing in videogames. But do they know how to add boobs? I speculate on the best ways to integrate boobs into these two masterpieces!

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dennyrutledge2086d ago

Very tantalizing read. I'm very impressed with your writing skills.

SteamFrostedEgg2086d ago (Edited 2086d ago )

500 degrees+!
Taking bets.

Might not make 1000 without the right pic.

FyouseeK2086d ago

Good article i couldnt agree more. but maybe instead of a button to see tits, how bout more of a easter egg type of nip slip or secret location

TerroristV2086d ago

Well, we don't want to make the gamer have to work for it.

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