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Gaming environments are always a huge part of the game and snow levels can sometimes be the prettiest and most technical levels of some games. Deserts seem to be the next area in environments to master, Spec Ops The Line, Uncharted 3 and Journey all being recent contenders. Today we bring you a list of the top snow levels from recent first and third person shooters.

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aviator1891989d ago

I absolutely adore snow levels, especially the one in Killzone 3.

Relientk771989d ago

The snow levels in Uncharted 2 are amazing

smashcrashbash1989d ago

Yeah it actually behaved and looked like blinding snow. I was cold just looking at Drake trudge through it.

EliteDave931988d ago

The snow level in KZ3 was amazing!

TronEOL1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

I'd have to say the Killzone 3 and Uncharted 2 snow levels are the ones I find most impressive in recent times. I remember actually getting that cold feeling from just playing those scenes. Especially the Uncharted 2 train level.

I want more (well done) snow in video games.

Septic1988d ago

Yeah why aren't there are snow levels in Battlefield 3?!! The engine is called Frostbite ffs!!!

r211988d ago

Killzone 3 had an awesome snow level. The details in that level was crazy. The swooping snow, the footprints, the blood in the snow, the glaciers, my jaw just dropped when i played that part.

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