Dark Souls fans need to see these videos - Dragon's Dogma - Warrior Class gameplay

Loved Dark Souls? Then Dragon's Dogma's warrior classes would like to challenge you to step up. Click link for more videos.

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ShadesMoolah2086d ago

An incredible game for action adventure fans.

dedicatedtogamers2086d ago

But this is NOT a game that Dark Souls fans would necessarily like. I played Demon's/Dark Souls to death and I was super excited for Dragon's Dogma based on the gameplay videos. I played 20 minutes of the demo (both the Tutorial mission and the Gryphon mission) and I cancelled my preorder the very next day.

Swing and a miss, Capcom.

Danniel12086d ago

I seriously don't think you should base the whole game on that demo, it does a bad job of showing off the good points of the game i.e. the open world, story full range of skills.

I agree a swing and a miss, but only in regards to a poor demo these videos come across completely different.

MysticStrummer2086d ago

It's only a swing and a miss if they were trying to make it like Dark Souls, which I don't believe was ever their intention. I played the hell out of both DS games too, and Dragon's Dogma looks like a home run to me, despite the omission of co-op. The demo doesn't present much of the game at all, so I wouldn't make a decision to pass based on it alone. I watched a lot of gameplay videos that showed off the other aspects of the game, then played the demo to see what combat felt like, then reserved the game the next day.

wsoutlaw872086d ago (Edited 2086d ago )

100% agree. I wish it could be as good but its just no dark souls. Even the video looks terrible compared to dark souls. Dark souls has great combat and this game combat is just not that good.

b_one2086d ago

in demo i have lvl 20...

Hellsvacancy2085d ago

Im with DedicatedToGamers, i also cancelled my pre-order after playin the demo, i hated the combat, its NOTHIN like Dark Souls

Should of known Crapcom would let me down, they dont make good games anymore, well, not for me anyway

SilentNegotiator2085d ago (Edited 2085d ago )

Well it doesn't look exactly like Dark Souls, but it has similarities. And the combat looks fluid (and based on the demo....IS).

If it were coming from ANYONE but Capcom, I'd probably get it day 1. Maybe if they don't abuse DLC with this one, I'll get it.

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brodychet2085d ago

This was it. This was the video I needed to have a good excuse to buy this. I'm sold.

Uncharted2Vet2086d ago

i'm a demons souls/dark souls fan and i could care less about this game.

Baka-akaB2086d ago

No biggie , i'm a fan of both and i do care for the both of us :p

WildArmed2086d ago

This. I'm super excited about this. I want more games that take after Demons Souls / Dark Souls. I don't want Demons Souls spiritual successor #22 to be the only source of my RPG Action HacknSlash needs.

MysticStrummer2086d ago

Yeah the Souls games are my two favorite games this generation, but everyday I play the Dragon's Dogma demo and look for any new info. I haven't been this excited about a game since probably right before Dark Souls released.

RedDead2086d ago (Edited 2086d ago )

You should. Looks good. Demo made it look like a button masher, but it's obviously not(in this vid, the guy gets killed because he plays it like one)

BattleTorn, the guy playing sucks bawls. Play the demo again, while you CAN play like he did and beat the can still mess aropund and see how good the battle system could be if it wasn't so easy. This vid proves that the Demo was just easy and it ain't a button masher. he dies because he is just running around mashing. No dodging, he ain't even using powers etc

bunt-custardly2086d ago

Looking at the YT channel and reading the comments the demo is nothing like the full game. You're totally ill-informed of the situation the player is in. FYI the warrior was a respec class and low level from a strider. There is no dodging for warrior class unless you have the equipped skill. or blocking. Shows how little you know about the game. before mouthing off another player sucks just because you played the demo and they are playing the full game you should get some more facts.

Uncharted2Vet2086d ago (Edited 2086d ago )

@RedDead "You Should" nah i like what i like, i still could care less. this game doesn't impress me at all.

Clogmaster2086d ago

Could you at least say "couldn't care less".

Unless you are secretly admitting that you do care about this game.

I'm glad to see a new IP from Capcom. It's refreshing from all the SF, MvC, and SFxT.

BattleTorn2086d ago

I'm still having mixed feelings about this game, although I still have it pre-ordered.

This video didn't show very impressive gameplay.

One thing I think everyone should note, is that the player can remove every piece of the HUD if they wish. (something I've always loved, and too few of console games allow)

MEsoJD2086d ago

My interest in the game dropped when they got rid of CO-OP.

cpayne932086d ago

I didn't completely lose interest but that is too bad. Would've loved a co op game I could play with friends like this.

alessandro102086d ago

they dint get rid of co-op.. it was never plan or announce any coop in this game

MEsoJD2085d ago

They initially started working on CO-OP and later scrapped the idea.

grailly2086d ago

I see your point. If this is a success though, you can be sure dragon's dogma 2 will have coop, the same way lost planet 2 had it.

kevnb2086d ago (Edited 2086d ago )

have they even played dark souls? Might be fun, but the combat is partially broken when compared to dark souls.

wicko2086d ago

Combat in dark souls is far better and far more polished. I was actually pretty interested in playing this game until I tried the demo - combat and "pawns" killed it for me.

grailly2086d ago

I'm not sure it has much to learn from dark souls, the combat here is skill based and in dark souls there are no skills(unless you count magic). they would have to change the game quite a bit to make it work like a souls game.

Baka-akaB2086d ago (Edited 2086d ago )

i have no issue with the combat . I'm more annoyed by the constant dark souls comparison . It's just obviously different

wicko2086d ago

It is different but I think it could learn a thing or two about combat from Dark Souls.

Kaos_Vll2086d ago

uh, no. combat for THIS game is great, as the same can be said that ds combat fits THAT game.

wicko2086d ago (Edited 2086d ago )

It's so great that I can just spam whatever, or hell just hang back and let my pawns do everything, since they are pretty damn strong. Dark souls has very deliberate combat, very pattern oriented and requires thought before you perform attacks or engage enemies. Which I find a lot more fun than anything I did in the demo for Dragon's Dogma.

Not to mention, your point flops considering I said it could learn a thing or two from DS, not it should completely replicate it. Dark Souls makes RPG combat actually fun, Dragon's Dogma feels like a step backwards.

Baka-akaB2085d ago (Edited 2085d ago )

Like others said you can do that in the demo because you and your pawns are overpowered for its purpose .

D dogma got a lot of "slow dmc" stuff going on , so it's understandable that some believe it's not going to be easy to mash will require more . Especially when some of us actually tried the real game in preview builds .

And backward ? Please ... It's pretty much the first of its kind to have an action enough vibe , that it allow neat climbing an npc interactions , beyond just letting npc wack and hack stuff .

It frickin' make use of an ice spell to create background elements you can climb upon for attacks ...

I dont see the issue there , as both are completely different games in their focus and execution , and dont exactly mesh together . DS is about pattern and strategy , DG is an action game before its rpg elements and more about dynamic situation and battles .

Redempteur2085d ago

The pawns in the demo are overpowered with very good gear will not have it that easy in the full game

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