Portal 2 Sales Hit 4 Million

Sales of Valve Software's Portal 2 have reached the 4 million mark, the company said.

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allyc4t2174d ago

4 Million for a game that isn't a shooter is very impressive.

OhMyGandhi2174d ago

I agree,
this is truly great news. Nice to know that there are more than a few gamers who bother to use their brains rather than their trigger fingers.

F7U122174d ago

I'm proud to say that I contributed to those numbers. Congrats to Valve/Gabe!

GrandTheftZamboni2174d ago

Not true. VGChartz has it at 3.2 M.


_Aarix_2174d ago

Well technially the portal gun is a gun ;) just shoots portals instead of bullets.

ATi_Elite2174d ago

4 Million?

I'm sure that number is higher cause Valve NEVER releases Steam Sales figures!!

Good Job Valve

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TheModernKamikaze2174d ago

Congratulations are in order.

ShottySnipa4172174d ago

Congrats to Valve for hitting a high number for a very great game! =D

cpayne932174d ago

Deserves even more sales, my favorite game last year.

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