The Top 6.5 Characters We Would Like To See In PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

While the idea has probably been in gestation ever since Nintendo’s best and brightest decided to pummel each other’s faces, it’s the PlayStation brand which has taken up the challenge of out-brawling Super Smash Bros. Naysayers have chimed in with claims that the PlayStation brand’s heroes lack the charm, ubiquity and quantity of their Nintendo counterparts, but that didn’t stop this list being any more difficult to whittle down.

First-time developer SuperBot Entertainment have already hinted that third party characters could be making the cut, so PlayStation exclusivity isn’t a restriction on this list. On the whole, what I’ve tried to do here is make a compelling case for some of the more left-field characters that don’t come to mind as quickly as your Nathan Drakes and Sackboys of this bizarre gaming world, as well as those that have yet to appear in the crossover fighting sub-genre.

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mike1up2176d ago

It would be cool if we eventually got Smash Bros. vs. All-Stars Battle Royale (Smash Bros. X All-Stars Battle Royale, or whatever they are calling crossovers these days).

Just a thought.

ilikestuff2176d ago

eh, when they confirm kevin butler ill confirm my pre order

cpayne932176d ago

That would be a dream but it won't happen. Can't imagine it working out between sony and nintendo.

mike1up2175d ago (Edited 2175d ago )

Yea, it does seem doubtful doesn't it?

But I dunno man, a lot of people said the same thing about Capcom vs. SNK, and Street Fighter X Tekken. So you never know.

(But) I won't be buying this game anyways, so I won't clog up the Sony comment section any longer.


guitarded772176d ago

@ mr_mike
Cool dream.

On Topic: Damn this article... it pulled me in with the 6.5 in the title, then let me down with .5 being squad mates.

blackblades2176d ago

Another one of these articles, we only needed 1 article on this, screw anyone who say's it's just an Opinion BS.

Omar912176d ago

I have an idea, don't read the article... skip it

blackblades2175d ago

Well I didn't read it just like every other articles the comes out that's lame.

Bathyj2176d ago

Id like to see Rikimuru from Tenchu and Nick Scryer from Psi Ops.

SPAM-FRITTER-1232176d ago

@bathyj at least i know his name LOL.

Rikimaru and Nick Scryer?

new title: Games That Have Been On Other Consoles Royale.