RipTen Review: Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition (XBLA)

Ben Rowland wrote: My lack of prior experience with the PC version actually puts me in a good position to review the Xbox 360 port on its own merits, objectively and free of hype or hyperbole. Some PC games don’t translate well to home console ports, while some do rather well, and I am happy to say that Minecraft on the Xbox 360, developed for the console by 4J Studios and published by Mojang, achieves the latter despite a few minor setbacks.

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PaladinXII2116d ago

I need to play this. Feel like less of a gamer for never having tried it.

Dread2116d ago

I have not tried it either. but tomorrow everything will change. Lets see what we have been missing.

Trenta272116d ago

The reviews for it have been fantastic. I can't wait to download it.

browland12116d ago

It's well worth the price considering the hours of fun you'll get out of it :)

Cybermario2115d ago

be warned, compared to the pc version the world is limited, i explored most of it in under ten minutes so i was really dissapointed

Vagrant2116d ago

Haven't played it on the PC, though the roommate seems to enjoy it.