Portal 2 Map Editor DLC Now Out

TSA: "The Portal 2 Test Chamber editor DLC is now available, fire up Steam and you’ll be able to update it right away. The DLC also contains new Cave Johnson dialog."

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FredEffinChopin2265d ago

This can only lead to good things. I can't wait.

birdykilla2265d ago

Give this to PS3 users plz!

ShottySnipa4172265d ago

I wouldn't mind an Xbox version either.

Pandamobile2265d ago

If you have the PS3 version, you can just download and play the PC version.

ShottySnipa4172265d ago

I do have a PS3, but the only reason I got the Xbox version of Portal 2 is because that's where most of my gaming friends are...and I don't like playing co-op with random people, so...

Trenta272265d ago

It won't hit any console. Sony and Microsoft are too strict about this kind of thing.

grailly2265d ago

isn't it more about control issues? I mean, Sony do have LBP

Trenta272265d ago

Sony owns them so of course they are willing to open it up to them.

jthamind2265d ago

i can't wait to try this out! Steam Workshop is so awesome.

allyc4t2265d ago

Made the mistake of buying this on 360. Thankfully it's only 7 bucks on sale this week for PC.

Moncole2265d ago

Here is some advice. Never buy a Valve game on consoles. Valve games always gets lots of mod support and have undying communities.

FredEffinChopin2265d ago

PS3 buyers got the PC copy for free though, so in this case was the PS3 not the smarter purchase than the PC? Provided one owns a PS3, of course.

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