7 Ways FIFA 13 Can Improve on FIFA 12

With the first screenshots and details being released yesterday, Addicted-Gamers looks at how FIFA 13 can improve on the most critically-acclaimed game in the series. Whilst its redeeming features were many, there were still plenty of reasons to induce rage and spout vitriolic abuse at our TV screens. Here are seven ways FIFA 13 can improve on FIFA 12.

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Yi-Long2202d ago

1: less menus and screens to click through. It takes ages between starting up the game and finally playing a match. It's ridiculous. Why do I have to verify that I want 'english' EVERYTIME I START THE GAME!?!?

2: I've been repeating this request for years now, but the replays suck. They're too short, you can only upload about 5 of them to the crappy EA website, you save them as videofiles instead of actual replays where you can watch them from all angles, even when you save them to your own HDD, and in-game the replays suck as well. Pro Evo does this aspect better, and has done it better for years! (apart from Pro Evo 6, which curiously had no 'save replays' function....(!) )

3: It needs to get a proper player editor. Tiger Woods 2005 had a great gameface-editor, yet FIFA still sucks when it comes to creating a player, and you can't even edit the existing players, while many of them look horrible compared to their real-life counterparts. It's unacceptable.

4: Instead of just showing the stadiums, EA might want to consider also showing a bit more of the surroundings before a match, so the area/city in which the stadium is situated. Also, it all needs to be a whole lot more lifely, with people around the pitch moving around, lights in the crowd, toiletpaper rolls being thrown on the pitch, the field getting damages from slidings, etc etc etc.

There has been very little improvements in those areas for the last 3-4 years.

5: Finally, I feel you should get an in-game editor for you to have your own start-screen. Now you look at a shooting Rooney every time, but why not include a photomode, different backgrounds, all the player models, etc etc etc, and just being able to make your own 'shots' of the player you like (also edited players so they're as lifelike as possible), and you could use those as your start-screen, and upload them to the crappy EA FIFA site.

That would mean that if a friend comes over he sees a completely different FIFA environment on my screen, than he does on his. You could even go as far as giving players the freedom to also change in-game fonts and such.

BradleyRussell2202d ago

I agree with your points, although I feel more strongly about the seven I selected. FIFA, whilst being a good game, hasn't been revolutionary for the past three editions. EA seem to be resting on their laurels and doing the absolute bare minimum.