Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend Event Impressions

A Promising Start
The first beta event of NCsoft's Guild Wars 2 spanned April 27-29, 2012. As the non-disclosure agreements have been lifted, we can officially "spill the beans" on gameplay for those of you that weren't able to participate in the beta event.

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Xristo2234d ago

I only experienced lag on the first day and nothing not expected for a stress test. Day 2 and 3 were lag free for me.

Raf1k12234d ago

I didn't have much lag either. Was fine for me and was surprisingly fun. The only problem I have with the game is that fighting elites and bosses in a group gets far too chaotic and melee players got owned big time. I like the spell effects and stuff but it gets to the point that too you can't tell what's going on.

I think phasing stuff like WoW would work well and only allow the first X number of people to enter the phased area with the random event keeping it from becoming chaotic.

Mythx2234d ago

Haha... in the more massive battles, yes, my frame rate did drop... but I didn't experience much in terms of server lag.

Psychonaughty2234d ago

@Tr10wn I had framerate issues sure because the games not optimised yet but I didn't get any lag tbh, I suspect you don't know the difference like most people. The game lived up to my rather massive expectations enough to buy a new pc for it just so I can play it on max settings!

Mythx2234d ago


I'm considering it too! I'm stoked!

IronFrogMan2229d ago

I would be considering it if I could afford it, hopefully one of these betas are optimized so I can see if I *NEED* to upgrade or can just scrape by until I can upgrade.