Reaction Time - Prototype 2 Review

The gaming community is a powerful force. Fan feedback can make or break a game’s success and can, as we saw with the historic case of Mass Effect 3, change the game itself. The original Prototype was met with fairly substantial backlash, criticizing the game’s sloppiness and overall lack of focus and frustrating gameplay. It’s not common for a developer to truly listen to feedback and address everything, but in this case, Radical has made note of everyone’s criticisms and delivered a worthy sequel that improves upon the original game in every way.

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Gigawatt252264d ago

Great review. The game is epic! DLC today also! It just keeps getting better.

Rampaged Death2264d ago

I'm having a great time with this game and that is coming from someone who hated the first.

StrawberryDiesel4202264d ago

This game has been unfairly reviewed for sure, it's nothing less than an 8 and unfortunately I have seen many 6's and 7's which can ruin sales.