Opinion - FortressCraft: Legitimate Clone or Shameless Minecraft Knockoff?

The best selling XBLIG game on the service, FortressCraft has been widely criticized for being a shameless knockoff of Minecraft.Xbox360Cheats examines the validity of that statement.

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user54670072265d ago


It's obvious this is a clone, the guy who made it thought "Oh Minecraft is never coming to consoles...I KNOW, I'll make it for XBLA and cash in on Notchs success"

Want to know the worst part, the guy can't even admit that it's a clone or that he wanted to cash in on Notchs success. He thinks of it as "inspiration" when it's obviously more then that

Terraria/Cubeworld took inspiration from Minecraft

FortressCraft is a clone

Emilio_Estevez2265d ago

Yup, sadly he will never be punished as Notch said he doesn't care. He will only reap the rewards of his theft.

deep_fried_bum_cake2265d ago

I laughed when I saw your picture along with that comment.

maniacmayhem2265d ago

there's more than just Fortess Craft on xbli now.


mixelon2265d ago

No doubt at all that it's a clone, and a totally dishonourable one at that.