WGTC: Game of Thrones Hands On Preview

Chad from We Got This Covered recently had a chance to sit down and preview Atlus' upcoming Game of Thrones RPG. Read on for his hands on preview.

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joab7772234d ago

I am a huge rpg fan and as big a song of fire and ice fan, but i hav no idea how i am supposed to keep up with all these games as well as the great games from other genres. Oh well, i know i will fit this in.

Moby-Royale2234d ago

I know, right?

Though I suppose it's a good problem to have... :)

I, for one, will be getting this game and playing it on Sundays(to coincide with A Game of Thrones of course :)


Godchild10202233d ago

I have the game for the PS3 and its taking awhile to install. The wait is killing me.