What Do Trophies Actually Achieve?

Trophies and Achievements are a part of everyday gaming but do they really amount to anything and are they here to stay or is it all just a phase we're going through? Maybe the fact that games are generally tooe asy these days has a lot to do with it?

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I used to be a huge achievement/trophy hunter, until I realized they were useless... that's also about the same time I switched to PC gaming, guess I grew up.

Krimmson2263d ago

So how are those Steam Achievements going?


I don't collect them. Like I said, they're useless.

RedDead2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

Some people like them, I don't. I mean...some people find it expands the amount of time you spend playing and stuff/ Then some people just wanna show off

"mile high club" Which I actually got.

It depends on the Achievement/trophy really. SO me of them are just Challenges, I mean why would I even think of doing mile high club and Veteran if the achievement wasn't there? I wouldn't bother.

But that's it really, I don't look for achievements 99.99% of the time. But some are good anyway

And yeah they are useless, but they ain't exactly taking away from the game. unless it's multiplayer and some ****s are hoarding weapons just to get Achievements.

thebudgetgamer2263d ago

That picture is not appropriate.

joab7772263d ago kidding! What would possess someone to use that pic to get accross their point. Ive seen many articles like this with referencing pics. 99% of them are funny. This is not. I wanted to comment on the article. Now, i dont.

trenso12263d ago

That picture is really inappropriate, kinda irritates me and I'm not even Jewish.

Summons752263d ago

meh time only goes forward no need to get hung up on the past

trenso12263d ago

Not hung up on the past its just very disrespectful, they could have chose so many other pictures than such a derogatory one.

mynameisEvil2263d ago

What is it with people going, "it's not appropriate"? That war is nearing 70 years since it ended. People can make jokes about 9/11, but a picture of Hitler is somehow so terrible that it can't be shown?

It's just a joke photo, people. Come on, lighten up. :)

OT: I have to agree with TotalBiscuit on this one. Achievements are worthless. There's absolutely no point beyond making 11 year-olds feel great that they n00b-tubed soinso amount of people in *insert game here*.

joab7772263d ago

So, it would be appropriate to show bin laden, two crumbled towers and an achievement that said 3000 dead americans. That would be fine to u? Its amazing how we are so politically correct about the dumbest things, but this is fine. To this day, this very day, there is a man who has stated repeatedly that the first thing he would do when he got a nuke was wipe israel off the earth. Oh, & they arent too far from having it as of this weeks newest intelligence. There motto is "never again" because they live in a country the size of New Jersey surrounded on all sides but the west by countries who want to wipe them out. But, u r all right. The past is the past.

QuodEratDemonstrandm2263d ago

So the Shoah is no big deal compared to 9/11 why? Because you saw 9/11 on TV? Let's run the numbers.

9/11 - 3400 people killed over the course of one day at the hands of 19 Islamic extremists.

The Holocaust- 5.9 million Jews (about 2/3 of the total jewish population in Europe), 3 million Soviet POWs, 2 million ethnic Polish, 1.5 million gypsies, 250k disabled, 80k freemasons, 25k slovenes, 15k homosexuals, and 5k Jehovah's Witnesses killed over the course of 12 years at the hands of an entire government.

Osama has nothing on Hitler.

On topic: I'd like to see a bit of added value with the trophies.
Ex. A trophy called "Nasty Habit of Surviving"is earned by finishing the game without dying. Earning it would unlock a cheat that restores health, or some kind of super strong armor or something. Don't bother looking for it, I just made it up.

Hicken2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

It bugs me, and I'm black. What bothers me more is that you have people that honestly believe it was all a hoax. That kinda makes it not okay to talk about. When you have people still following it, that's not okay to talk about.

I dunno who jokes about 9/11, but it's not funny, either. I'm a lover of life: I take any such situation as seriously as if my family was involved; for all I know, they WERE. Nobody jokes about the ethnic genocide in Rwanda, or the mass murders Saddam orchestrated in Iraq.

No matter how much time has passed, making fun of some things is just in bad taste.

Edit: @ Quod, you make it sound like bin Laden's actions were somehow less heinous become less people died in that one incident. But do we know how many lives he actually had a hand in taking?


You used the correct term: BAD TASTE. Not wrong, forbidden or illegal... Just bad taste.

I too don't think it's funny either, but seriously, if this is so bad to you and other complainers, you guys must be the ones calling FOX to cancel Family Guy all the time.

Have you ever heard of freedom of speech? It doesn't means freedom to talk what is morally accepted or what I like to hear.

Summons752263d ago

Nothing, thought they were useless since they came up with the idea.

morganfell2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

Had you been on this board 4 years ago you would have seen that Achievements were one of the few things that mattered. Why? Because the PS3 did not have an equivalent system. It was the same with cross game chat though that bit of ridiculousness has for the most part dropped off the radar.

Rewards/Acknowledgements for gaming mattered most when no one else had them. I remember there was even a service that would ramp up your Achievements.

But an article spent attacking these now permanent game features is a bit of a waste when one considers other matters which are driving gaming down the road to ruin. Achievements and Trophies are not piloting that plane, not by a long shot.

Simply put, there are a good number of other more worrisome issues in gaming with which an intelligently penned article could have dealt. The influence of misleading advertisement and the undue influence of the gaming media, to include worthless self important blogs, upon the direction of the industry just to name a few.

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