Kevin Pereira Leaving Attack of The Show

After more than a decade on the air, host Kevin Pereira is leaving Attack of the Show. Attack will celebrate Pereira’s contribution to G4 with a month-long look back at his most memorable comedy sketches, interviews, and hilarious off-the-cuff moments from the show. The Pereira-palooza will culminate on May 31, his final day on AOTS, before Pereira delivers his final live, on-location coverage for the gaming world's biggest event, the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), from June 4-7. In other words: Kevin’s going out large.

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NukaCola2265d ago

G4 is losing all the best they had. I hope only for the best for Kevin.

firefoxprime2265d ago

Man...they're droppin like flies.

Emilio_Estevez2265d ago

This one sucks. He was the only one I actually liked.

LOGICWINS2265d ago

Yup. Very charismatic dude...that ACTUALLY plays games. Def gunna tune in for his final appearance on G4. After that, I'm done with them.

crxss2265d ago

sad to see him go. wonder where he'll land... god i hope its not at shitty GT.

LOGICWINS2265d ago

What's wrong with GT? They have some of the most in depth video reviews you can find on the net. The only downside is that Geoff Keighly is the only one on the GT staff who seems like he's actually passionate about games.

zeeshan2265d ago

Something's up at G4. Without X-play and AOTS, the only thing running on G4 would be Cheaters, Cops and well, some more Cops which to be frank, I am sick and tired of.

I hope Sessler and Kevin could join forces and somehow start a real gaming related show. We need a proper 24/7 gaming channel!

mewhy322264d ago

Oh man. Kevin leaving the show is NOT good. I hope that Attack of the Show will go on and not get canceled.

Dac2u2264d ago

Wow, there's really nothing left to watch on G4. I know some didn't care for him, but Kevin's style of humor was right up my alley. I guess I'm not so mad about losing G4 with my switch to Direct TV now.

Pushagree2264d ago

Just cancel the whole show. Nothing but a bunch of models pretending to be gamers anyway. Everyone on that show tried way too hard to be likeable.

darthv722264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

I really liked that show. It is what AOTS transitioned from (or so i seem to recall).

There were lots of good shows when it was tech-tv like audiofile and fresh gear. Yet without the merger with G4 I would never have seen the show icons. That was a great G4 series.

MAJ0R2264d ago

I don't see this as being sad, mainly because G4TV is terrible now. So, to see these people leave makes me happy that they aren't apart of G4TV anymore. Hopefully they'll find much better work somewhere else.

R.I.P. TechTV

sikbeta2264d ago

G4 is closing and everyone is jumping out before it sinks or what?

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VanguardOfCalamity2265d ago

I think I'll Miss 'Kevin vs Batman' most of all :*(

ReservoirDog3162265d ago

Haha, I was hoping someone gave a link to that. That was my favorite aots moment.

First Adam Sessler left and now him. Gonna miss their E3 coverage from now on (only thing I still watched on G4).

ATi_Elite2264d ago

Dam I really enjoyed watching AOTS, Kevin, Sarah, and Candace are a great team!

With Kevin gone it just will not be the same cause I know for a FACT that Kevin is a tech Nerd and a real Gamer and he gave the show it's credibility.

Gonna miss Kevin but I hope he moves unto something Bigger and Better cause he is a good talent and a cool dude!

(hope it wasn't about money cause I would take a pay cut to work with Candace Bailey and Sarah Underwood)

fatstarr2264d ago

if kevin and adam left the network is dead. they are the only two that stayed with them through all the cuts at G4.


orange-skittle2264d ago

Kevin and Adam did leave....HELLO?!! McFLY!!!

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Megaton2265d ago

I used to think this guy was a douche, but then I listened to both of his appearances on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. Seems like a cool guy when he's not forcing jokes for TV.

aawells072265d ago

Hey thanks for the heads up on the Joe Rogan Experience. I looked it up and looked for the episodes with Kevin in it and was looking thru them and saw one with Jim Gaffigan in it so ill def be listening to it as well. Thanks

Megaton2265d ago

It's a good podcast. Lots of interesting guests.

ThichQuangDuck2264d ago

It is a great podcast and I have not heard Kevin's appearance yet but do hate the forced feeling of AOTS. some other recommended listens include Jason silva and what is reality. I wish kevin the best and now we have lost kevin pereira, adam sessler and robot wars

Nac2265d ago

I have met Kevin, really nice guy. I hope he has a great career.

MidnytRain2264d ago

I'm sure he is. Jesus, there's no reason to watch G4 at ALL anymore.

kevnb2265d ago

He was the last person I liked on g4...

WeskerChildReborned2265d ago

Adam Sessler now Kevin? I'm guessing after that we will be losing Morgan Web then Blair Herter. G4 just isn't what it use to be.

WesMcLaren2265d ago

Do you really like Blair?

WeskerChildReborned2265d ago

I don't like nor dislike him. I'm just stating a point.