Top 15 Remakes We'd Like to See

VGutopia "HD remakes of popular older games have been trending recently as HD collections and full-blown reimagninings (like Halo: Anniversary) have hit the scene in droves. While a lot of HD remakes have been made, the staff at VGutopia would like some more. Here are our top 15 remakes we’d like to see."

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jmobley2082d ago

eternal darkness! please!!!

Solid_Snake372082d ago

i would only play a Max Payne remake if Sam Jarvis is involved

morkendo232075d ago

no one like ps1 games to be HD???

smashcrashbash2082d ago

Medevil with better camera angles, graphics and aiming please

jmobley2082d ago

that would actually be cool. Medevil was a cool game back in the day.

ZeroChaos2082d ago

Timesplitters HD Collection!
GTA3 HD Collection!
Max Payne HD Collection!
The Clover Studio Collection!

Are all I want!

Gkalily2082d ago

The Clover Studios Collection would be so good!!

jmobley2082d ago

oh man I didn't even think of time spliters but that would rule. especially if they patched 2 with online multiplayer.

DarthJay2082d ago

Knights of the Old Republic and Final Fantasy VII are all I need. If no other game is ever remade, those two with amazing graphics would satisfy me greatly.

Captain Qwark 92082d ago (Edited 2082d ago )

lol several of my fav games of all time on that list...

link to the past
megaman legends
knights of the old republic
super mario rpg
eternal darkness

toss in...
star fox 64
castlevania sotn
river city ransom
battle toads
jet moto
chrono cross

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The story is too old to be commented.