SOS E3: Rescue us from Angry Birds

E3 needs to excite, we don't want to survive on a gruel-like diet of social and mobile games...

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Tapioca Cold2237d ago

I agree. Social and mobile gaming is intruding on our hobby. Mobile gamers are starting to consider themselves "gamers" and that is very far from the truth. Also, we (gamers) add to the fire by constantly giving them credit by calling them the "casual" audience.

I want you to know that the "casual" audience will not get you awesome games like Battlefield 3/Gears of War/God af War/Uncharted/ etc.

They want motion controls and games for rainy days and subway rides. They're pussies and not gamers. They know nothing about being a gamer or what a gamer is. tablets and cellphones are not consoles and never will be.

Be aware. it could be the end of gaming as we know it. Gamers need to unite, not reamin apart.