Valve 'Learning Lessons' From Portal 2 Level Editor, Planning Workshop Support For More Games

NowGamer: Valve planning to add Steam Workshop support to more of its games, hints at Portal 2-style level editors elsewhere.

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ATi_Elite2086d ago

Yeah that's nice and all but how is Ricochet 2 coming along?

TronEOL2085d ago (Edited 2085d ago )

This would be amazing if all of their in-house developed titles had this kind of user-friendly level editor. It would definitely open up the kinds of content seen from those who aren't so technically inclined to fully create a map from scratch.

I just hope more developers follow this step if Valve ends up doing it. I'd love to play Uncharted, or Gears, in custom maps, or full levels created via a user-friendly level creator.

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