Why Heroes of Newerth is a dying game Simon S. - I remember when the Heroes of Newerth beta went live, I had been playing DotA for a long time and Heroes of Newerth seemed like a good place to continue. And the beta was great, they had hit everything spot on, but nothing good ever lasts forever. In the beta they had a logical and easy buymenu, the heroes were balanced and kind of few in numbers which made it easy to pick a working team setup. Well, let’s just say S2 games hit the sweet spot, they kept it that way up untill 3 – 4 months after the release. At that point they figured they’d go change the buymenu into an abomination, and when I say this was an abomination the upcoming changes to the buymenu were even worse. Basically they figured they’d try to drag more people with a fancy layout, which is not what MOBA games are about.

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JsonHenry2260d ago

Because LoL and Dota 2 are better alternatives?

Flavor2260d ago

Yup, what henry said. For the hardcore central Europeans and East Asians, DOTA 2. For folks who just wanna have fun, LoL. Newerth is just stuck between the two poles in an unhappy compromise.

ArecxP2260d ago

This article is so wrong lol. Active users have actually increased since the F2P model. In fact, I logged on just now and the users online was almost 80k. Active users have pretty much doubled.

I wouldn't say that HoN is a dying game. I would say it is a very good alternative for people who want a faster paced MOBA that emphasizes more on action than the slow, farm fest that's is DotA right now (unless the meta has changed idk) and a more technical game than LoL. Hell, some pros prefer the pace of HoN more than DotA but unfortunately the prize pots aren't as big as HoN so they will gravitate towards the money.

As far as cash shops go, HoN's isn't as extreme as LoL's. I'm sure DotA will have the same concept as well. The shop interface also isn't that bad. It takes some time to get use to it but it really does help newcomers of the game have an easier time getting adjusted to the game.

As much as I was a fan for DotA, I really do find HoN a lot more fun because of the faster pace. I don't think HoN is going anywhere any time soon.

Now if only they could do something about the horrible community...

soundslike2260d ago

I think HoN's cash shop is abhorrent and a total misstep for them.

Any S2 game will forever be filled with salty d-bags so thats pretty much a futile battle. It wouldn't be so bad if S2 weren't so desperate for affection that they would actually encourage horrible behavior in their design choices. Removing casual mode because of whiny little pricks on the forum who can't handle the fact that new players might want their own clubhouse? So pathetic.

Kanzes2260d ago

The game is still awesome.. But the heroes aren't balanced


Because LoL. That's all that needs to be said.

Letros2260d ago

S2 should focus on making a new Savage game :-D