The 5 Most Fun Games To Cheat In

GameShark. Game Genie. Action Replay. Who hasn't used them at one point or another? No? Then you must have found Missingno near Cinnibar Island or pulled out Niko's cell phone for some goodies. Either way, cheating can be fun and these are the best games to do it in.

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Relientk772265d ago

Omg Pokemon, I was just hit with Nostalgia

Welshy2265d ago

I just downloaded every Pokemon game on Android for my emulator, between Vita and Gameboy emulators on my phone, lunch breaks have never been so good!

Did anyone else ever use that Pokemon cheat where you went to most south-east point of the map and repeatedly went back and forth on your Lapras and you found the level 99 Pokmeon that could pwn anything? =D

Man, i was way more of a nerd than i remember...

Ken222264d ago

You mean missingno??I did for the Masterballs and stuff god great times^_^.

Welshy2264d ago

That's the one!

The memories came flooding back =P

GiggMan2265d ago

What about Contra? Well I guess that was more of a necessity instead of fun lol.

TheModernKamikaze2265d ago

San Andreas was fun tons of variety of cheat codes!

TheLyonKing2265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )

those are all great, goldeneye on the n64 had mental cheats. Most of my childhood was played with these cheats:

Paintball mode
Slow mo
fast mode
big head
being invisible

need I go on.

Welshy2265d ago

Ah the memories... Using the Flying Cars cheat, spawning a tank, turning the turret to the rear and blasting a trail of destruction, mashing circle as you glide off into the sky =')

Old school cheats were actually kind of part of the game back on PS1/PS2. They were properly programmed into the game, because is seriously doubt pressing a coincidental button combo, that just happened to turn your wheels side ways and drive cars like boats was a fluke =P

Nowadays "cheats" are literal buzz-kill fun ruining cheats for your online games =(

sonicsidewinder2264d ago

I hear that.

Wasn't there a game recently that sold 'cheats' as dlc?