Notch vs EA – And The Winner Is…?

Albatross Revue Writes:

The creator of indie mega-hit Minecraft, Markus Persson a.k.a. Notch, declared this week that ubiquitous publishing titan EA are ‘cynical bastards’ who are ‘methodically destroying’ gaming. It’s not difficult to see why he’s angry. EA have recently released an ‘indie bundle’ containing pseudo-indie releases that have previously been published by EA. ‘Indie’ usually refers to individual or small group developers who make games out of their own pocket, then arrange their own publishing and distribution. Attaching the term ‘indie’ to anything released by global development and publishing powerhouse EA can easily seem insulting to genuine indie developers who have to effectively work a second job to get a game finished, or even take out a second mortgage to fund games that might only sell a few copies.

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