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PS3 PlayTV Release Date and Price Announced

Play.com has priced PlayTV for the PlayStation 3 at £99.99 and is set to be released by the end of March in the UK. (PS3, PSP, Tech)
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TANOD  +   2602d ago
Thats a very decent price
i will get it when it comes to NA
FamilyGuy  +   2601d ago
Are you kidding me?
I gotta read up on what is all included in this Play Tv. That's what, about $170-$200 USD?

That HIGH buddy, especially seeing as all my tv needs to pick up local HD signals is an already purchased set of HDTV rabbit ear antennas. ($20 USD.

I really gotta read up on this but i need to get to Target now as they are selling Assassin's Creed for $38

Target.com weekly ad
Vip3r  +   2602d ago
I really want this but £99 seems just a little much.
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Expy  +   2602d ago
A little much? Do you know how much standalone High-Definition TV Receivers cost? This is a huge bargain.
MaximusPrime  +   2602d ago
This a huge bargain. Cheaper than any other freeview HDD boxes.
Fluffy2Duffy  +   2602d ago
A little too much?umm.. u bought an expensive hobby and you have to lived by it. Ofcourse i wil get it even it's £99. Remember Sony coming up with new things and and u think it's too much still, and u stil hear everyday that people complaining about ps3 not good enough? i also complain, but hell ya i wil get it soon!! Better save some bucks...
Vip3r  +   2602d ago
I'm a student and I got my PS3 from Christmas and Birthday (18th) money. I'm also a Sony fan but if I were to buy this I'd need a much bigger HDD seeing that I only have about 13GBs left. Also I don't think we can record HD programs off freeeview just yet but I might be wrong.
Skerj  +   2602d ago
Damn I want this so much, turning your PS3 and PSP into DVRs is awesome as hell.
RSX  +   2602d ago
High Definition?
Is it?

if so then this is a definate purchase for me
MaximusPrime  +   2602d ago
HD only happen if channels are broadcast in HD.

eg: in UK, HD channels are only available on satellite and cable. Freeview HD will follow in a year time.

You will only receive SD channels for now.
P4KY B  +   2602d ago
BBC are already broadcasting some big shows in HD
In populated areas.
Shankle  +   2602d ago
This will be great! Although I'll probably have to upgrade my hard drive.
rulkezx  +   2602d ago
You wont ever recieve HD over freeview with that box, the roll out only starts in 2009/10

the standard for over the air HD freeview broadcasts has s=yet to be decided with the channels and ofcom, its highley unlikely that the tuners in the box will support OTA HD (recent rumours surrounding what standard will be chosen supports this)

So its a freeview box at £99 that can only be used when the PS3 is switched on, waste of time imho
GameOn  +   2602d ago
Wont the ps3 be able to record tv programmes? If so that would make it really cheap.
well it would over here in the uk.
PlayStation360  +   2602d ago
and it will still have PS3/PSP function.
masterg  +   2602d ago

It will be able to record TV.
It will have all the functionality of any DVR and then some.
moujahed  +   2602d ago
I dont understand...
How does it work?? I just hook it to my PS3 and I can watch tv channels without paying??? Im confused, and will the UK model work in USA?
moveteam  +   2602d ago
No PlayTV only supports the Europan brodcasting standard DVB-T.

I know Sweden brodcasts in HD at DVB-T, and think UK (and Denmark) to follow in 2009-2010.

Btw. this has been published before, and many things at Play.com get a 28th March date, so hopefully sooner - I hope :D
pwnsause  +   2602d ago
I think here in the US, we will probably get it soon after we switch to Digital Broadcasting in Early 2009
bootsielon  +   2602d ago
What does it do?
Does it record TV programs or recieves HD signals or what?

Edit: Nevermind, I already saw what it is, that's pretty cool. Instantly more channels, and records in SD too? I'm in when it comes to America.
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rulkezx  +   2602d ago
Sony have said it wont be release in the US as you dont have anything like freeview
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PlayStation360  +   2602d ago
I think i read somewhere...
that they might release it, but not any time soon. I'm guessing not until like 2009, when Digital-over-the-air channels become standard. We may not get PlayTV exactly, but possibly something VERY similar.
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carl ps3  +   2602d ago
shame u got 2 plug it into the front of your ps3's usb :-/
shame ps3 don't have a usb slot on the back of it. ill get 1 anyway!!!
Ares84  +   2602d ago
No thanks!!
I got a HD reciever from Time Warner Cable with close to 400 chanels out of wich about 50 HD....and I can do the same as PlayTV and a lot more!! But it will be huge for European countries where are no services like that!! I can see PlayTV to be big in Europe but not in America.
EZCheez  +   2602d ago
It definitely won't be big in the U.S.
Because it's not possible in the U.S.

EDIT-Disagree all you want, it still isn't even close to feasible in the U.S. All channels that are broadcast over the air (channels PLAYTV is made for) in the U.S. are local channels. If that's what you want then go ahead but you'll only be getting about 10-15 local channels and none of them will be HD.
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JasonX43  +   2602d ago
I want this now!
Why couldn't they release this in America first? Microsoft gave us a bunch of stupid add-ons that were standard in the PS3 and now Sony throws the UK a huge bone! That's it, we're keeping Layla Kayleigh until we get that over here!
whoelse  +   2602d ago
Because currently there is no similar service as the UK and several European countries in receiving TV.
Eamon  +   2602d ago
wait. I thought PlayTV was just a downloadable software but you actually have to buy it.
Shankle  +   2602d ago
Where would you plug in the aerial?
whoelse  +   2602d ago
For my needs, £99 is too much but if it comes to £50 then hell yeah but that would be like in years time probably.
bigshynepo  +   2602d ago
I can't believe people are actually considering not buying this. If it was available in North America, it would boost the install rate of PS3s ten fold...
whoelse  +   2602d ago
Because i already have a 160GB DVD Recorder with Freeview so there's no point paying for this if i can already do everything this offers.

Also i dont think you can play games and record TV at the same time.
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bigshynepo  +   2602d ago
Microsoft's CES annoucement was crap...
This implementation of these features is way better than what was just announced for Xbox 360....

Playstation FTW.
derseb  +   2602d ago
it totally makes sense... there will be two receivers in the box, each can read DVB-T in HD (in order to record and watch different channels at once). it will also be possible to stream television over the network and watch tv live on the psp.
I use DVB-T right now with an antenna on my house and like it, but cant record and get HD when it comes out.
stennexxx  +   2602d ago
Caph  +   2602d ago
So this won´t work in my flat because i use cable? It would be a really neat thing to have. Does it have a place for a card, that allows you to watch more programs. If it doesn´t have then it´s kind of a waste of it being a fullhd when here in finland the ordinary channels wont send HD in years i think
kingnick  +   2602d ago
Not suitable for me as I'd like to be able to play PS3 and record HD broadcasts simultaneously. I’d much rather an Xbox Live Video Market place service than the ability to record FTA HD content.

Being in Australia means little is broadcast in HD and there's little to no chance of seeing XBLVM in the next decade.
Amp  +   2601d ago
North America- Location Free Player
If your in North America, a Location Free Player is the closest you can get to that. I can watch MY T.V. and channels, and anything on my DVR, on my laptop, or PSP. IF Im out of town, I can also use my set top guide to record shows, as if I was home.
rushbd  +   2601d ago
i'll get it when it comes out in us
hopefully it'll be cheaper
BlackCountryBob  +   2601d ago
There are still some big questions to answer for me like can I record TV while I am playing games or watching DVDs/BDs? Can I get Setanta or (cough) Television X with this thing? And what is the OS like, I saw the Leipzig announcement video but I hoped it would get overhauled to closer resemble the XMB.
kingnick  +   2601d ago
According to currently available information the recording capabilities will come from a program launched from the XBM. Recording while playing games and other media will not be possible.
ROCCOZILLA  +   2601d ago
this real sell real well.i cant wait for it to come out.play games and record movies at the same time.PS3 is showing it real power now!PLAY B3YOND
Splitz  +   2601d ago
I get my TV from Etherhet-cables.
Will I be able to record my normal TV with PlayTV in that case?
derseb  +   2601d ago
no, terrestrial tv (DVB-T) is required for this device! thats why it doesnt come out in NA. Maybe if they make a DVB-S or DVB-C version...
ELite_Ghost  +   2601d ago
very interesting for europeans
i don't think they have hd channels do they? cause that would be good for europeans.
heyheyhey  +   2601d ago
hmmmmmmmmmmmm...a little pricey considering i have lots of great games to buy, but recording shows and watching them on my psp sure is tempting- i think il wait for the price to hit £69 or so
thunder  +   2599d ago
we already have it here.
its called a slingbox. you plug your cable or sat. dish into it and you can watch it on your laptop or phone.

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