PS3 PlayTV Release Date and Price Announced has priced PlayTV for the PlayStation 3 at £99.99 and is set to be released by the end of March in the UK.

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TANOD3506d ago

i will get it when it comes to NA

FamilyGuy3505d ago

I gotta read up on what is all included in this Play Tv. That's what, about $170-$200 USD?

That HIGH buddy, especially seeing as all my tv needs to pick up local HD signals is an already purchased set of HDTV rabbit ear antennas. ($20 USD.

I really gotta read up on this but i need to get to Target now as they are selling Assassin's Creed for $38 weekly ad

Vip3r3506d ago (Edited 3506d ago )

I really want this but £99 seems just a little much.

Expy3506d ago

A little much? Do you know how much standalone High-Definition TV Receivers cost? This is a huge bargain.

MaximusPrime3506d ago

This a huge bargain. Cheaper than any other freeview HDD boxes.

Fluffy2Duffy3505d ago

A little too much?umm.. u bought an expensive hobby and you have to lived by it. Ofcourse i wil get it even it's £99. Remember Sony coming up with new things and and u think it's too much still, and u stil hear everyday that people complaining about ps3 not good enough? i also complain, but hell ya i wil get it soon!! Better save some bucks...

Vip3r3505d ago

I'm a student and I got my PS3 from Christmas and Birthday (18th) money. I'm also a Sony fan but if I were to buy this I'd need a much bigger HDD seeing that I only have about 13GBs left. Also I don't think we can record HD programs off freeeview just yet but I might be wrong.

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Skerj3506d ago

Damn I want this so much, turning your PS3 and PSP into DVRs is awesome as hell.

RSX3506d ago

Is it?

if so then this is a definate purchase for me

MaximusPrime3506d ago

HD only happen if channels are broadcast in HD.

eg: in UK, HD channels are only available on satellite and cable. Freeview HD will follow in a year time.

You will only receive SD channels for now.

Shankle3506d ago

This will be great! Although I'll probably have to upgrade my hard drive.