Awesome Brutal Legend website opens

Gamernode writes:

"Personally, I don't ever pay even an ounce of attention when a game launches its official website. There usually isn't any point. 99% of the time what you'll find is a decent piece of art and the game's name in fancy script on the front page. From there you'll have the opportunity to either listen to the developer tell you why their game is the be all end all of consumer software, or read about it.

This time however, you should pay just a little attention. Tim Schafer's newest game project Brutal Legend, starring Jack Black, has just launched its website and boy is it a doozy; by far and away the best game website I've ever had the pleasure of navigating."

Also here is a link staight to the site:

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Skerj3990d ago (Edited 3990d ago )

Good man Rel, in a few short months the world will know the awesome this game will bring upon them.

Relcom3990d ago (Edited 3990d ago )

I so pumped for this game. Its just a waiting game now for it

MK_Red3990d ago

Agreed with all points. And seriously, has anyone ever created a cooler site ever!? Metal and Schafer FTW!

solar3990d ago (Edited 3990d ago )

i thought this was ps3 exclusive? oh well, now all sides can enjoy it :D

oh, and it is a very cool website.

Relcom3990d ago

No it was always multiplat....

Anyways this game is just gonna be a straight blast to play

solar3990d ago

i couldve sworn i read it was exclusive somewhere. but i dont get caught up in that war. the more who play the better :D

bootsielon3990d ago

What a joke. He is funny, but WTF...

Skerj3990d ago (Edited 3990d ago )

Think not about the School of Rock/Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards "Jack Black". Think of the twisted Tenacious D/HBO "Jack Black", he's suited as anyone else for the role. Even moreso because he'll be able to deliver the comedy and over dramatic acting that's required for such a character. He's also playing riffs for the game (and some songs) for the parts where you can hook up a guitar hero/rock band guitar to do the special attacks.

Relcom3990d ago

Its definatley the Dark Jack Black.

Devr3990d ago

This game will be awesome. :D

Tsukasah3990d ago

That website... is truly... a work of art! O_o.... i mean holy [email protected] HELL!!... im speachless... i also didnt even know about this game till now... but just by looking at the site, IT IS SOLD!

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