Does Microsoft Know What Limited Edition Means?


"What does this all mean? Limited edition means for only a certain amount of time and then discontinue the product. Apparently Limited Edition means nothing to Microsoft. People went up to the midnight launch including myself along with a few friends to get Halo 3. While disappointed I thought to myself that I still was one of the few that manage to get their hands on the limited edition Halo 3 Legendary Edition.

I forked over $130 for that dumb package and it wasn't even worth it. The DVD's sucked the game sucked all that was maybe worth something is the helmet to store your games. But one has to learn the hard way. Halo 3 Supposedly sold 8.1 million copies up to date then why the hell do they have plenty of Halo 3 Legendary Edition Packages. Did they print many so that each and every single person has one? I don't know. All I know is that the idiots over at EBgames and Gamestop are selling the Legendary edition for only $79.99. What kind of S#!% is that. "

Please note some grammar and spelling has been corrected.

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Relcom3908d ago

I don't think the guy who wrote this is a happy person....

BrianC62343907d ago

That was funny. Poor kid sure wasted a lot of money. Instead of wasting $60 he could have wasted only $20. Here's some advice on these limited editions. Don't be fooled. You won't be able to sell them on eBay later on for a big markup. They're just a way to get more money from you. He could have bought two games with that $120.

llamaman133908d ago

this is the LEGENDARY edition, not the limited edition. retard.

Regret3908d ago

And "legendary" is supposed to be limited.

Mu5afir3908d ago

This is the limited edition "retard."

CrazzyMan3908d ago

jsut go on amazon ant type halo 3.
You will get:
simple edition - $59.99.
limited edition - $69.99.
legendary edition - $129.99.

well, limited edition is still available, but all complains about legendary edition is kinda bullshit.
neither i do support M$, but just stating FACTS, like i always do. =)

Bill Gates3907d ago (Edited 3907d ago )

Stop using the word "retard", or "retarded".

Let me just say this, I know no one who is mentally challenged, or handicapped in any way, but I still find it very offensive, and hurtful when people use that word to put others down on this, or any other site.

I call people BABOONS, robots, or xbots, but it's all in fun and humor, and because I know that no one on this site is truly any of those things. But I at least have the commonsense, and good heart to refrain from using such a harsh, and offensive word as I know someone on this site may be, or may have a loved one who may be mentally/physically challenged, and using such a word may hurt them.

Name calling will always be a part of this site, and so it should be. It's funny, and keeps us coming for more. Baboons, phony boy, xbots, droids, it's all in good clean non-hurtful fun. We're gamers, and gamers like to have fun, and talk smack, but let's not take that smack talking to a level of being a heartless asshole.

So please people, stop referring to people as "retards". It's hurtful.

lawgone3907d ago

I actually agree with Bill for once.

uxo223907d ago

"Limited Edition" does not have to mean limited time. It could also mean limited quantities, and those quantities are determined by the distributor. It could be 1000 units our it could be 3,000,000 units. If there is a set number of the product made and no more than that number will be made then it is a "Limited Edition" product.

This guy should just except that these type of things happen life and quit whining to the world about it. Suck it up and grow up dude, we've all been there.

Blackfrican3907d ago


Just because you are retarded does not mean you are not human. Retard means slow. Retarded people are slow. Keep bending over and taking it from behind from political correctness, retard.

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Ahhhh3908d ago

And, also, Limited Edition means that their is only a certain amount not for a certain time..

3908d ago
Jack Bauer3908d ago

i knew this would happen...yet i still bought it