Blu-ray to PSP Movie Transfer: Pictures

Back at CES, Sony demonstrated a feature which is due this year which will allow users to copy movies onto the PSP from Blu-ray discs in their PS3. They of course will be copy-protected and be 'PSP optimized'. It's said to take 3-5 minutes to complete the operation. The files will be around 1GB in size so you may want to increase the size of your memory stick. New memory sticks coming out in March by Sony are now as big as 16GB with 32GB due next year. Below are 5 pictures of the new feature unseen on N4G.


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jaaz3991d ago (Edited 3991d ago )

And will make me want to buy more Blu-Ray movies...

Edit: The connectivity between the PS3 and PSP becomes more amazing every day. This ain't no gimmick.

Mr_Showtime13991d ago

But im wondering will it force me to pick up a bigger Memory stick or will my 2gb be enough for one at a time

vickers5003991d ago

Damn 32 gigs? This might just be the right time for me to get one of these (again), only this time, keep it.

niall773991d ago

Ill need to upgrade my 256mb card

TheExecutive3991d ago

its too bad the 16 gig is 300 frickin bucks...

Thursday3991d ago

And that would only happen if memory prices were reduced signifficantly. Here in Sweden, a Memory Stick Duo will set you back about $150, which is alot to pony up for something like this.

This feature however is really cool, and I have alot of movies I'd like to take with me when I travel, but if that is going to be a viable option memory prices need to drop.

I'm not saying they should give memory sticks away, but at least reduce the price, start some sort of campain or something, anything!

Ju3991d ago

They should have put a 20 or 40G solid state disk in the damn thing. Now with PSP games available on PSN, even more needed.

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The story is too old to be commented.