Kratos’ new in-game model has been under our noses

Xbigy Games' Kamran Draeger writes:

"Today has brought us tons of details surrounding the new God of War and although Papy has been trying to keep the singleplayer a mystery but a closer look at his Twitter profile has uncovered one of the major changes we will be seeing in Ascension, the new Kratos."

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TheFallenAngel2048d ago

Can't wait for the new God of War. But i really wish it was when he was the God of War.

kamruk2048d ago

I think it was Jaffe who said that after the trilogy, Kratos was supposed to take on the Norse gods which would have been awesome :D

Spenok2048d ago

Oh shit! I didn't know that. That would have been rather awesome. Hmm, you never know, they could always come out of nowhere and go that route.

KwietStorm2048d ago

I thought that's how he said he would have done God of War III? Kill off Zeus and get his revenge early in the game, which opens the floodgates for the Gods of other mythology, Norse, Egyptian and the like, who all want to take his place as the new ruler.

kamruk2048d ago

David Jaffe explained his story to God of War III. The first cutscene featured Oceanus in his water form killing Hermes, similar to Poseidon’s God form. He then said that Kratos would fight Zeus in the opening boss fight and kill him. Then a portal opened from Mt. Olympus and released the Egyptian and Norse Gods. The Titans and the Greek, Egyptian, and Norse Gods start to wage war to determine who would rule the world. Kratos also meets up with his Norse and Egyptian counterparts. They explain to Kratos that they also are trying to exact vengeance on their Gods. They both fuse their powers together to give to Kratos and aid him. Kratos then uses the powers to teleport back and forth through Norway, Egypt, and Greece. Kratos encounters Stheno and takes her head. He then encounters the Sphinx in Egypt and uses Stheno's Head to turn it into stone. Kratos then realizes to permanently kill a God is to get their mortals to stop believing in them. Kratos' plan was already in effect because; the Gods were focused on ruling the world and had their minds off their mortals. Thus, the mortal world was under natural disasters. The mortals stopped believing in the Gods and Kratos continued killing most of them. Kratos killed Thor and took his hammer and also killed Ra to take his magic. Some Gods were killed by the Titans and the Egyptian and Norse Kratos counterparts, until they all were dead. Kratos and The Titans brought peace to the world once again. The Three Wise Men (The Greek, Egyptian, & Norse Kratos) headed to the North Star and the birth of the new religions. The souls of the Underworld were now free and Kratos was reunited with Lysandra and Calliope. The Titans and humans declared the three Kratos Kings of the world and the world would believe in one God..., although it’s unknown which monotheistic religion they followed.

Lucretia2047d ago

WTf? norse gods? that would be retarded, the norse gods are basically the same gods. they are based off the same figures from around the same time and are seperate mythologies. that wouldnt even work lol

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firelogic2048d ago

He wasn't the gow in the first game but it was still fun and he had a bunch of powers. There's really no difference b/w kratos when he's the gow and not. In 2 he gets stripped of his godly status too. 3 as well.

egidem2048d ago

Actually if I remember correctly, Kratos goes to hell in almost all the games and he always makes it back, and each time he does, someone gets hurt badly.

But I love how at the start of God of War 2 he was just drunk with power.

PLASTICA-MAN2048d ago (Edited 2048d ago )

This time the chains around his arms look totally modelised apart and not just bumped textures like in GOW3. Way more attention to details.

Solid_Snake372048d ago (Edited 2048d ago )


In a way Kratos is like Jesus.

Or rather, Jesus is like Kratos since Kratos came first

TheFallenAngel2048d ago

The reason i said it is because he gets to command the Spartan army and everyone calls him lord kratos or God of War.

cee7732048d ago

he was super drunk in the beginning of part 3 in power hell he was in a coma that when he lost it because of a certain titan I felt it pesonally

mewhy322047d ago

I'm a big fan of the GOW franchise.Definately one of the more impressive games coming out of the Sony camp. The last GOW was really something to behold. I wonder what the studio will be able to pull out of their hat this time?

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cee7732048d ago

he was only god of war in the end of part 1 after killing ares and some of part 2 before zeus turned on him!

SPAM-FRITTER-1232048d ago

why is this hot news. what did you think he was going to look like?

also may i add. its funny how god of war has the same amount of titles as halo yet its not milked.

double standards on N4G as usual.

PunkXIV2048d ago

Halo is milked because Microsoft DEPENDS on it. While SONY releases a wide variety of other games on top of God of War.

Horny2048d ago

Nobody mentioned halo until you brought it up.
Last gen they were tied.
Halo 1&2 and GoW 1&2

This gen:
Halo 3
Halo odst
Halo wars
Halo reach
Halo anniversary
Halo 4

As for GoW:
God of war 3
God of war ascension
Also the two PSP titles which are on a different system.

So this gen 4 title across two platforms vs 6 on just one, yes you completely got your point across there.

INC NATE21312047d ago (Edited 2047d ago )

You do also realize xbox has been out for a year more than ps3 too right? so now add gow 4, add the soon to be new psp version, now your at 6v6...yeah great math buddy, i love how you forgot to add gow4 into your little list in the ps3 section...hahah can you say fanboy, unlike you, i own both systems, and nowhere am i not saying halo isnt milked, and it deff is...but hasnt nintendo milked mario for some 20 odd years? see xbox did what nintendo did, establish a game that has became a house hold name, sony on the other hand has yet to do that.but for you to say gow isnt, ur just a fanboy. and microsoft doesnt rely on halo, ms established its name this gen they have came out with great titles this gen like the gears franchise, which has out sold any ps3 exclusive to this date. gears1- 1.9 million day one, gears 2-2.1 million and gears 3 at a whopping 3.1 million day one which ps3 exclusive has done that...NONE! ms doesnt need to rely on anything, as you sony fanboys will say, xbox has no exclusives, but yet is to be out selling ps3 in america every month...why is that? just defending the 360 with cold hard facts, you scream back well ps3 is raping it so hard in japan which is so true, but we all know japan counts for like what, at this point its record at 19% of overall ps3's sold...everyone knows there is one country you must sell well in, none better than good old fashion lazy fat kid video games aka america.

2048d ago
INC NATE21312048d ago

and people say microsoft milks halo, series is milked to the max. so tired of the developers making the same shit with updated graphics and maybe one new game mode, if the story actually takes 3 games to develop and ending like mass effect, gears of war or uncharted <-- best game ever in my opinion but im so tired of the same fuckin games, example cod, wow slightly updated graphics, nothing to new to excite me...same thing with god of war, same game play, the story always is the same, a new evil villain suddenly emerges, where as other games develops it's story and ending with multiple games. theres no point to god of war, theres no kratos defeats all and prevails, just defeating evil gods one after another so we can have fun just hack and slashing away...BORING!

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Fishermenofwar2048d ago

I think a great Story line would be to have Loki rip him out of his timeline to Asgard to use him against Thor and Odin.....EPIC!!!

Lots of potential there....

Fylus2048d ago (Edited 2048d ago )

Thing is, Loki could actually do that too. It would be a nice change of pace since we've so often seen Thor and Odin and them portrayed as the "good guys" while Loki being the mischievous villain.

I think that idea has got some great potential. Like you said:P

gaden_malak2048d ago

You guys have let The Avengers and Thor influence your knowledge of Norse mythology.

Loki is mischievous but not really evil. He's more like a conman if anything.

Fylus2048d ago (Edited 2048d ago )

I love Norse Mythology (Greek too). That's why I said what I said. Media today (That Thor movie) portrayed Loki to be evil, which is kinda what I was getting at. I just think that of all the Norse gods that could get along with Kratos, Loki has to be the top.

WitWolfy2048d ago

DAMN YOU! Now I want to see Kratos battle Frost Giants!!!

andibandit2048d ago

it's no good, Thor would just pwn Kratos, Game Over

tarbis2047d ago

Like how Shao Khan ripped Kratos out from his timeline then summoned him to be his champion in Mortal Kombat. I would love to see that.

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Omar912048d ago

i need a side by side comparison of kratos before and after. He looks the same to me lol.

Does anyone know where you can get that action figure (the default image to the article) it looks freakin sweet

kamruk2048d ago (Edited 2048d ago )

are you good at developing games? maybe there's still a chance to snag one :D http://marknewman.deviantar...

sorry for the let down...

oh and about the new/old Kratos, have a look at GoW3, his arms are really bulky compared to the new image. he's generally slimmer in ascension, still toned like a roid rager, but not as big

Omar912048d ago

darn! I really want one lol

George Sears2048d ago

Looks a bit more slimmer. Understandable since this is the prequel of the prequel.

3dawg2048d ago

thats good to know. i always wanted to ask but didnt wanna look dumb. i have all the games and i know that the origins are prequels and yet they kept saying god of war prequel like there werent any before.

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