GamerZines - Sniper Elite V2: Final Verdict

GamerZines writes:

Sniper Elite V2 is a love letter to those absurd people who like to hang back and kill people from a comfortable distance and for that niche audience it certainly has its fair share of charms. Not a world changing game by any means, but one that’s certainly entertaining.

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Bathyj1967d ago

To me absurd is running in without surveying, guns inaccurately blazing.

I like to play games at my own, (slower) pace. Precisely the reason I have no interest in online gaming.


I'm always a sniper in FPS/TPS and always a Ranger/Marksmen in MMO's/RPG's. Hanging back and surveying the area before dealing a long range killing blow is much more logical (and fun, for me) then running in, guns blazing.

Going to have to give this game a shot. (pun intended)