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Clayman1782d ago

It doesn't really matter what the game looks like. BG&E is all about story for me.

inveni01781d ago

Then this had better have an awesome story, because those graphics suck. I almost think some dude just built this in his pirated copy of 3DS Max so that he could get some people talking about his "art".

SilentNegotiator1781d ago

Unless this is a N3DS screenshot, color me unimpressed.

jony_dols1781d ago (Edited 1781d ago )

BG&E has been in development for years, this could just be a screenshot of an early build from a few years ago.

I'm sure Ubisoft Montreal will be collaborating with some of Ubi's other teams (i.e. AC, Splinter Cell & GRAW's studios) to make it graphically shine.

As already mentioned by Clayman, BG&E is all about the story, but nice graphics never hurt & Ubisoft know that if they want to boost sales.

Flavor1781d ago

Looks very dated. And bad. Probably fake.

RememberThe3571781d ago (Edited 1781d ago )

We have no idea how far long development is and judging from earlier statements("We are in an active creation stage and at this moment" - Michel Ancel) it's not very far along. Even if this is new it's leaked and in no way a hint at what graphical standard they're trying to set with this game. I'm sure that if you looked at early renders of Uncharted they'd look like crap too. To be honest it just looks unpolished which is to be expected from a game in the middle of development. A lot of developers use the last month to polish the graphics (i.e. DICE games look horrendous until they're out of beta).

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ATi_Elite1781d ago

Got Dammit!!! Put some Anti-Aliasing on that screen shot!

That red arrow next to the Fresh Fish sign on the right looks like a dam set of steps. lol

yeh it looks like the typical Ubisoft artwork so I'll hold out for some 1080p game play video before passing JUDGEMENT! BG&E2 was supposed to be out a year and a half ago so they better make it fantastic.

Now i have something to look forward to at E3!

Gaming1011781d ago

lol wow, who gets this angry over anti-aliasing, nerd spasm much?
It's obviously an early work in progress that doesn't have all the touch ups that it would have on release, no game with a rocky development cycle like this one (due to lack of funding from a publisher who doesn't believe in the series due to almost non-existent sales of the first game) is going to have flashy screen shots from the get go

joab7771781d ago

Its a possible screenshot for a game we dont even know will be releasing. It amazes me that the first reaction is that the graphics suck on a single arbitrary pic that we know nothing about. Maybe the idea that the game may be coming out should be slightly more important. And it is a story driven game. I am guilty of it too, but we put such a premium on graphics that we get gorgeous games that are very cookie cutter. Or we trash amazing games because they dont look like battlefield 3 on high pc settings. Dont get me wrong, there is bar for contemporary looks, but i hate to think that companies like crytek first and foremost must make the best looking game, while story is average at best.

snipes1011781d ago

I really hope, provided that the game comes out, that they stick with a similar art style to the first game rather than going with a hyper realistic look. The over-saturated colors that the first game had were part of what made me love it.

jag_stilvecchio1781d ago

"BG&E is all about story..."

Really? I mean sure there is a story in BG&E but it's nothing impressive or unprecedented. This is one of those games that has a following that I simply don't understand. No one took notice of the game when it launched then a few gaming rags picked up on it as an "undiscovered gem" and now it's fashionable to cite this "amazing game and storyline" (not your words but similar to others I've seen posted about BG&E). Honestly, having played the game on my original Xbox I never saw what was so great.

Spenok1781d ago

Well... the way you put that is a bit miss worded. Maybe you meant to say the graphics don't matter? Because if that was the case I agree. However when it comes to the way the game "looks" it has a VERY significant important factor.

From the art style to the color pallet to the atmosphere and all the way down to the way everything comes together. If a game has a GREAT story, like BG&E did, but the game looked like absolute crap (and that of course, is open to interpretation), most people wouldn't give it the light of day.

1781d ago
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kevnb1782d ago

everyone is always writing the same sort of titles for everything. Looking stunning has lost all meaning.

Merrill1782d ago

I agree completely.

Also everything is 'Leaked'

LightofDarkness1782d ago (Edited 1782d ago )

Yep, and very little of it actually is. If something is leaked that means that it has been unintentionally disseminated or released, i.e. the company does not officially want the information or media to be available.

Typical media hyperbole tactics, really. If you say "BG&E 2 Screenshot Released" you'll get a few clicks. But saying "BG&E 2 Screenshot LEAKED" will probably net you quite a few more, because it appeals to the inner gnostic in people. People see LEAK and think "OMG SECRETS, MUST PURSUE HIDDEN KNOWLEDGE", when in reality it's probably nothing of the sort, and the image has been released to build hype.

european_cannon1781d ago

Don't forget to add stunning to the title for a "leaked stunning" combo. Its funny how "looks stunning" isn't actually in the title on the website, just on N4G.

MissAubrey1782d ago

how can you tell what it looks like with that small shot?

Conzul1781d ago

click on the "small shot", dummy.

SilentNegotiator1781d ago

Right click and view image, too. It's a 720p shot.

FACTUAL evidence1781d ago

He's a halo fan Conzul, give him a break...those people run slow.

MissAubrey1781d ago (Edited 1781d ago )

@ FACTUAL evidence, Conzul
When this story was posted you couldnt view the SCREENSHOT that LARGE(look @ Gamer3000 image thats EXACTLY how large the image was when you clicked on it!). no need for unnecessary name calling and attacks.

Conzul1779d ago

If you really think that was an *attack*, well, you're LOST.

ninjagoat1782d ago

Can't tell a thing from that screenshot waste of time clicking the link people.

NeXXXuS1781d ago

you have to click on the smaller one. it's a bigger photo.

Gamer30001782d ago (Edited 1782d ago )

lol this look stunning ???

Twilightx71781d ago

Are you people seriously incapable of clicking on an image to enlarge it? Here, I'll do it for you.

Hellsvacancy1781d ago

"you people" lol, like there a breed of there own

attilayavuzer1781d ago

Don't...blowing it up just makes it look worse...


He's not blowing it up, that's the original size... That said, the first time I tried clicking the image, it opened exactly the size Gamer3000 provided.

Probably something wrong with either the site or my end, anyway, when I reloaded the link, it opened in the actual 720p size.

On topic, it may not be impressive, but also not bad in my book.

FredEffinChopin1781d ago

ehl oh ehl, you're an idiot.

Armyless1781d ago

I'm losing what little faith I had left in the N4G gaming community.

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