Confirmation of Sam & Max Wii spotted in press release?

Rumours that point-and-clicking, crime busting duo of Sam & Max would at some stage appear on the Nintendo Wii have been circulating for almost as long as the console has been in existence. Now, however, thanks to a snippet of information from a JoWood press release for Agatha Christie: And Then There Were None, it appears that definitive proof could just be around the corner.

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wiizy3961d ago

dont know much about this game. but if its another good point in click like zack and wiki then good

LanRanger3961d ago

Sam and Max is similar to Zack and Wiki, but more oriented on humor and storyline than puzzle solving.

KeiZka3961d ago

Sam & Max games have been generally THE point'n'click games. Or that's what I think, and many others think.

ChickeyCantor3961d ago

In press release like...l;ike full DS downloads on your wii ? HE? HE?HE?