Square Enix and Bigpoint announces Gameglobe, a free online platform for players to create games

Square Enix and German online games company Bigpoint has come together to create Gameglobe, an action adventure game that also offers creation tools to player for them to create their own worlds and is all accessed from a web browser.

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TheLyonKing2386d ago

As much as I love creation games, this one is looking a bit to cutesy judging by the screenshot.

Spenok2385d ago

It definitely has that cutesy look to it. But you never know. It just may be awesome. I wont knock it till i give it a fair shot.

r212386d ago

ooh, this sounds awesome. i'd like to participate please :D

Ranma12386d ago

I hate what Square Enix has become. I love Squaresoft

R.I.P Squaresoft: April 1 (April fools day) 2003