Sony Press conference at CES 2008 ( Video )

Here is a video of Sony press conference at CES 2008.

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Relcom3987d ago

Agreed, we are gamers after all.

gta_cb3987d ago

although the 27" OLED tv was impressive :p wouldnt mind a 42"+ OLED tv :p

captainpwn3987d ago

These guys don't know how to have a good keynote. No wonder nobody claps. Sony, please look at any of Apple's keynotes and please make your keynotes interesting.

LinuxGuru3987d ago

Yeah....they all looked nervous and they all talked funny....EXCEPT for Sir Howard Stringer....he's British, of course he does fine on stage!


Kaneda3987d ago

He knew nothing about the produts... he just read the menu books.. *yawn*

QuackPot3987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

...that was boring. But to be fair it was consumer electronics conterence not just gaming. And it shows the quality of the Sony brand as a hardware manufacturer.

But the Rolly is a gimmick and will fail.

Interesting though:

New walkman cell phone(W760) had tilt sensor for playing games. Damn. Now all sony has to do now is put 6 axis and Rumble, R/L 1 & 2, another analogue stick, large touch screen display and inbuilt camera into the PSP then it will have the ultimate media/communciation/gaming device....and remote controller for the Ps3.

It will be coming. Inevitable....PSP 3 or 4.

Bebedora3987d ago

A controller with mobile function?

QuackPot3987d ago

If the controller is the PSP. Turn it into one powerful little puppy.

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