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Starhawk Review | Metro GameCentral

Survival mode is the only time Starhawk comes together to create a properly entertaining whole. In all the other game modes it's merely a loose collection of bullet points and underdeveloped ideas, ones which never gel together into the multiplayer classic this could so easily have been. (PS3, Starhawk) 6/10

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VonBraunschweigg  +   1297d ago
Sad review. He admits all the elements for online greatness are there, but the games he played - during a beta without filters, clanoptions, experienced players - often lacked the necessary teamwork, therefore all the online matches will be like this, hence a 6 out of 10. I'm afraid he's got a lot of readers and should they be interested in something new online he's not doing them a favour. After 2 years of MAG I know there's plenty of players willing to play a tactical teambased game, with or without mics.
Dante112  +   1297d ago
So he rated it down because of how ther a couple of gamers played the game in a few matches he played in? Sounds reasonable. /s

Way to generalize the whole community.
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Shadow Flare  +   1297d ago
Um, if nobody is familiar with the metro, it's a free newspaper in the uk and they're "reviews" have been consistantly bollocks for years. They aren't professional reviewers, it's just a guy with a pen.
waltyftm  +   1297d ago
Well said, there review pages do come in handy sometimes, especially if you run out of toilet paper.
PixL  +   1297d ago
Next time Gardener Weekly reviews a game I might find out their score goes to Metacritic.
KwietStorm  +   1297d ago
Afterlife  +   1297d ago
Gamer3000  +   1297d ago
i beat you both ..HAHA
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lodossrage  +   1297d ago
This is unit's site?
That explains a lot.
IcyEyes  +   1297d ago
I start to wonder if this game is too "complex" for some people ...

I can assure you people, some "reviewer" play the game just few-few hours.
r21  +   1297d ago
im just gonna think every lower than 8 reviewer are noobs :P
mixelon  +   1297d ago
SH was always going to be a Marmite game. I'm sure I'll love it. It obviously isn't going to suit everyone's play styles though.

I imagine with clans and/or friends its a hundred times better, but giving a game a bad review score because you don't have friends who want to play with you is pretty weak. :/

In Warhawk I always found myself with a terrible K/D but I was very useful to whatever team I was on.. It's not that hard to find people who'll communicate either.
TBM  +   1297d ago
Yea like i let other peoples opinions affect how i spend my money on which games i want to buy and play. I'll be getting this game over the weekend and imma enjoy every minute of it.
Mikhail  +   1297d ago
The negative reviews seem to point out that the SP's story and the complex MP are the problem. It is ok to criticize the first one but the latter is not.
ginsunuva  +   1297d ago
I never remember Bf3 or Cod being dragged down due to bad SP. Reviewers mentioned they were bad, but didn't let it bring down the total score.
Mikhail  +   1297d ago
BF3 had reviews from sites that lowered it because of SP. many of those sites are in metacritic.
P_Bomb  +   1297d ago
[QUOTE]...but as ever lone wolf tactics never really work and the game comes up against the ongoing problem that the majority of PlayStation 3 owners don't use headphones to play multiplayer. This may cut down on the homophobia and crumpet comments, but it drastically reduces the chance of any genuine teamwork.

...But at the moment everyone seems to be acting at random, jumping into the first available aircraft and ignoring what's happening on the ground. [/QUOTE]

What the...

The game wasn't even out yet when this review hit, how on earth can this review be complaining about how the Starhawk community plays when the community hasn't even bought the game yet?! Talk about pretentious. At least give stores a chance to open and me a chance to BUY THE GAME from said store before writing me off.

Dear lord.
neutralgamer19  +   1297d ago
Got my copy yesterday and they lessend the resolution output frm beta. Beta looked great on 1080p setting, but retail version looks crude under tht setting. I put it on 720p and thngs are back to normal. Make sure its on 720p if not it will look like crap.
neutralgamer19  +   1297d ago
By the way rating a game off its community is stupid and idiotic. Every mp game ive played had dummies in it that didn't do team play. Also all games vary. You rate a game on its own merits and what it has to offer, not dituations and games dictated by the online plyers because that changes game to game. Dummies should have set up a match with serious players and rated it off tht if tht was the case.
ChronoJoe  +   1297d ago
The author wrote, regardin hawks "They're extremely weak in both modes"

Haha, what game is he playing? it's quite evident he has no idea how to play Starhawk. Which doesn't come as a surprise for someone who has no experience and has quickly rushed out a review to garner more hits.

In the UK 'metro' is the free news paper they give away on the public transport networks. Just an fyi, not exactly a respectable outlet. Their writing is used more frequently to prevent my feet damaging the chair I'm resting them on, than it is read.
arbitor365  +   1297d ago
I posted this comment on the review and the site's sycophantic fanbase thumbed it down relentlessly, as they do any comment that disagrees with the reviewer. Dissension is not allowed on sites like this, with a circle of pretentious, militant fans. These people defend anything the reviewer says without questioning, either because they have attatched their ego to a website or because the reviews fall in line with their own intense console biases (there are certainly no sony fans on this site).


according to this site

Jak and daxter collection 6/10
twisted metal 6/10
starhawk 6/10

this certainly isnt a source I can trust.

strongly suspected bias aside, I would have at least have some respect for this site if the reasoning for giving the games such low scores wasn't so pedantic and nonsensical.

in the jak and daxter review, the reviewer clearly had disdain for the franchise from the outset (calling it a GTA and banjo kazooie clone. seriously?).

in the twisted metal review, the reviewer seemed to have very little background knowledge of the franchise and complained about the "learning curve" (translation "I suck at the game"). He said the mechanics were just like the PS1 games. when was the last time you played them, buddy?

and virtually every description he makes in this review contradicts what I, and everyone who experienced the beta, has said about the teamwork and tactical elements. its nonsense.

bottom line, dont listen to this review. you are not getting an accurate or honest summation of this game.


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