Starhawk - The Type Of Exclusive The Xbox 360 Needs

This deep and engaging third-person shooter offers compelling multiplayer action, exclusive to PS3 owners. Boy are Xbox 360 gamers missing out!

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WrAiTh Sp3cTr32208d ago

No. Little Big Planet? Yeah...

Abash2208d ago

Starhawk - The Type Of Game That Gamers Need to Buy And Support

Come on, dropping buildings on people? Jets that transform into mechs? Fun and fast paced gameplay that blends perfectly with deep strategy?

This game will become like a drug with how fun it is to play, dont miss out if you have a PS3!

F7U122208d ago (Edited 2208d ago )

now way in hell I'm missing out on this one.

LOGICWINS2208d ago

If only the majority of people knew what they were doing. The tools your given in MP are great, its the people who don't know how/when to use these tools thats the problem. I'll def buy the game when more players get more experience. Considering that the MP is largely team based, competent players are essential if u want to have a good time with Starhawk.

F7U122208d ago (Edited 2208d ago )

Logic you take this way too serious. Don't worry about all that just play and have fun.

Jazz41082208d ago (Edited 2208d ago )

I enjoy my 360 but I could care less about this game, plus I have a ps3 if I want to play which I don't. This opinion is coming from a ps3 site. Here's an idea ps3.mmgm yum yum or whatever your name is. If you love starhawk so, much go and play it and leave the 360 sites to worry about the 360.

Gamer30002208d ago

i wonder what this doing on ps3 site then

portal_22207d ago

Way to get it so incredibly wrong.

mewhy322207d ago

Well Xbox has some great exclusives like Halo, Fable, Gears, Metro, Forza, Witcher (Awesome), Trials and others but Microsoft really needs to push for more exclusive releases. Sony really has it's game together when it comes to exclusives and clearly has the advantage in this area. As for StarHawk? Well I've been mostly impressed with the exclusives from the Sony camp but based on what I've seen of this one I've got to say that I'm not very excited about it.

kreate2207d ago

Microsoft shifted its business focus. Xbox doesnt need exclusive games cuz it sell well regardless.

Its about doing little work as possible while maintaining sales.

They got a working formula going. No need to make sony type of investment to make good money.

arbitor3652207d ago

metro and witcher are not exclusives

mewhy322206d ago

You know you're right from a business point of view. From a gamer's perspective I would like to see Microsoft make the investment. I agree, however, that the business model that they're implementing currently is working exceedingly well for them.

NastyLeftHook02208d ago

they need some new studios before they start talking about a star hawk type of game.

Godmars2902208d ago

They need to show some actual management ability with in-house resources you mean. Not be solely focused on AAA titles while nurturing large budget diversity and creativity. Throw money around expecting it from 3rd parties.

european_cannon2208d ago

Another stupid ass tailored made for N4G opinion piece from a site in need of hits. What exactly does the Xbox need, an exclusive averaging a 76 on Metacritic? I think it has it fair share of under performers.

fucadastates2208d ago

well, the rewiev scores a going down hill because of the singleplayer. the multiplayer is (in 12 critics) talked about as the best/greatest multiplayer experiens on ps3.

so the rewievs on this one does not give the big picture

DirtyLary2208d ago

Which is silly since the devs said single player is just a glorified tutorial for MP.

srcBFMVBMTH2207d ago

Journey - 92
Tales of Graces f - 78
Twisted Metal - 76
Starhawk - 76

Alan Wake's American Nightmare - 76
Star Wars Kinect - 54
Bloodforge (Supposed God of War killer lol) - 43

Xbox needs a games like Journey.

Godmars2902207d ago

The thing is would the open communication of XBL allow for something like Journey on the system? You can't simply play a game like that with an expected automatic online support in the background, if you know what I mean.

tokugawa2207d ago (Edited 2207d ago )

european cannon + 1 bubble

100% correct!! the disagrees are from the sony fanboys who "know" that everyone wants sony eclusives... except ps3 owners.

btw kids, i am a ps3 owner, and i will not be buying this AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA sony exclusive

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xPhearR3dx2208d ago

Meh, it doesn't spark my interest much. At least it looks better than Warhawk. I played that game a few times and couldn't get into it. I'd rather have an exclusive like LittleBigPlanet to be honest. Then again, the 360 has Trials Evolution. The things I've seen done in that game are insane.

PixL2208d ago

It would turn into cowboy dancing anyway.

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