New PS Vita Color Coming To Japan

Dual Pixels - Japan is getting the first alternate to the black colorway of the PS Vita.

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Snookies122049d ago

Gah, I want that Miku one! I don't know anything about the series, but that looks really awesome! XD

Grrr, white Vita is sexiful...

Godchild10202049d ago

That white is so SEXY! I want it to come to the US, even if it's for a limited time. I would buy another vita just to have that color. I would love a red or purple to match my red 3DS and my soon to be Purple one.

Jestrella242049d ago

yeah they should have launched with two colors in the states

Ken222049d ago

Am i the only one who wishes Sony would open a website where you could make your own custom PSvita??

EDI2049d ago

The Nike ID of PlayStation!? Sir, you are a genius...

banjadude2049d ago

+1 for that idea.
I want a blue Vita!

TheModernKamikaze2049d ago

Nice thinking! I want a silver since my psp was silver.

tarbis2049d ago

Bubs for you bro. I want to customize mine too =D

DarkBlood2049d ago

hopfully this makes it way over here as im going to hold out for a long while till they release a new color

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The story is too old to be commented.