Gamers Did Not Hold The Wallet: Street Fighter X Tekken Sells 1.4 Million

Gaming Blend "Street Fighter X Tekken, a game that really needed to hit the bricks to get the point across that gamers do not and should not tolerate completed content stripped from the main game and re-sold from behind a pay-wall, actually managed to move 1.4 million SKUs. The pseudo-victory associated with the Better Business Bureau rating was just that...a pseudo-victory. Unfortunately, not enough people were made aware (mostly casual gamers) and bought the game on impulse instead of doing any research whatsoever."

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Snookies121993d ago

Well thankfully, I can say I didn't give them my money. :]

jc485731992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

i don't think i did. don't know where capcom is getting their numbers

da_2pacalypse1991d ago

I'm not surprised by these numbers. A lot of people who buy games don't know anything about the product they're buying, they just pick it up because they see it on shelves. Consumers are stupid, this is the same reason cod sells millions every year, because it's heavily advertised. It's pathetic yes, but unfortunately the gaming community isn't made up of forum junkies like us :/

supremacy1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

Same here, they got me good with all the sf4 releases. I bought ultimate marvel vs capcom 3 thinking it had all the characters included.
Come to find out, you still have to buy jill and the green squid guy for 4.99each, I wanted to get a platinum in this game but said to myself "screw this" and instead stopped playing the game entirely.

I am beginning to think, that the only reason why totsunako vs capcom didnt get ported to the ps360 is because thats one game that didnt feature DLC, otherwise they would have done so. God, these publishers get greedier by each day I swear its sickening.

firefoxprime1992d ago

Wait a minute. Publishers being greedy?

This is a business fool. Don't take it personally. Seriously.

Same for those gamers who complain about DLC. Just don't by it. Plain and simple. Nobody is forcing you. So deal.

KaBaW1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

Yes, it's a business, but making customers pay extra to get a complete game? That's called being greedy, good sir. A good business practice is to make a great complete game, with plenty of content. Not nickle and diming.
You don't screw over your customers, that is just dumb; Capcom will learn.

Also, you are the sucker, that makes the gaming industry worse for others.

firefoxprime1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

@KaBaW: Sorry if I stepped on your butthurt toes bro. I sincerely apologize./s

Thats just it. Customers DON'T have to pay extra. They don't even have to purchase said title. Think of all those COD Elite Subscribers. Sheep bro. Sheep. I buy games that appeal to "me" on my own time and not any mainstream crap. I could even wait until a special edition is released. I ALWAYS HAPPENS.

I too miss those days...when I popped open a brand new PS2 title, and new from the get go, that the "entire" game, was on that disc. An awesome feeling. Made you appreciate everything.

Yet, I'm not blinded by your jaded personalized mentallity. Its a BUSINESS. Do you see banks holding back? No. Do you see the Hollywood holding back? NO. Do you see Phone Companies holding back? NO NO NO.

Its all the same. The only difference is that you don't "need" to play video games. Its a past time, and Those companies will milk you for your moneys worth. So wise up, and wade through the junk. I'm just a realist kid. Just speakin the truth. But...N$G don't like that, do they? you tell me who's the sucker? The fool crying while whipping out his debit card for some guns, costumes, and overpriced map packs, OR the dude who strategically wades through the junk and finds his prize? ;)

SnipeySnake1992d ago

"Customers DON'T have to pay extra."

I'm just gonna stop reading there because you're clearly the type of person who keeps repeating the same thing without backing up your point. It's not that the DLC is 'EXTRA', its more like they're 'TAKING AWAY CONTENT' that shouldn't even be extra, it should be part of the game. It's like buying a house only to find out you have to pay an additional fee to use the bathroom. Stop thinking of dlc as an 'extra' because it isnt. They're just making a full game and cutting it to pieces to sell it back to us.

KaBaW1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

I'm not even reading all that nonsense. But, it's just like SnipeySnake said..
A lot of the DLC crap isn't 'extra,' it's content that is withheld, for more profit.
What about not having to buy a game? Sure, but that's not even the point.
You go buy a game you'd enjoy, just to have Disc Locked Content (DLC).
The thing, though, is that the so called 'Downloadable Content,' is on disc.
And, as I said, the crap these publishers pull just lost them a customer.

That's not good business..
However, if they think they can make more profit nickel and diming, so be it.
Though, if it was me, I'd rather have more customers buying. Just my opinion.

RememberThe3571992d ago

Firefox, your acting since people don't have to buy the product that they should just accept every practice played by these companies. Well that not true at all. People have the right to criticize what they see as malicious or greedy. You can be fine with companies f*ckin over your favorite games but that doesn't mean that anyone else is or that they shouldn't voice their opinions.

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Persistantthug1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

I'll wait until they are near $20......which is exactly what I did for SSF4.

Now I'm gonna buy STARHAWK this week & MAX PAYNE 3 next week

supremacy1992d ago

Its a shame what some of these publishers are doing really. I hear the DLC for starhawk is going to be FREE! For god sakes, this is why I stopped buying capcom games, there is no way i will ever pay money for characters. Thats unheard off.

Knushwood Butt1992d ago

Game is already really cheap to buy in Japan. I've seen it for about 50% off the RRP.

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Lord_Sloth1993d ago

With all the belly aching about on disc DLC, it just shows how few are willing to stand up for their opinions and vote with their wallets.

vortis1993d ago


I think the other big prob is that gaming media rarely enforces any of this stuff.

I mean, how many sites/magazines/pubs were telling gamers specifically NOT to buy Street Fighter X Tekken because of the on-disc DLC? Most review scores were positive and goaded undecided gamers into making the purchase.

Only a few offbeat websites actually followed through with warning people, but judging by the numbers it was just too late.

I sure hope gamers don't go all sheeple and buy the on-disc DLC this fall. That would pretty much confirm how far down the toilet the industry has fallen.

Kyosuke_Sanada1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

Exactly Vortis, if big name game journalists did their job and revealed that the game had locked disk content before purchase then the average joe ,which now is the majority of the market, would have been informed and never really buy the game.

At least Gamestops in California now has warnings on games that has content locked which is a step in the right direction.

brish1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

I voted with my wallet.

The real question is how many people didn't buy the product because of what capcom did. That is the number that matters in this debate it's also the number we don't know.

If 1% of the people who were going to buy it didn't get it then barely anyone cared. If 50% didn't buy it that's a large amount. You can't just look at the total sales.

SnipeySnake1992d ago

Honestly I think its more like most of the people who buy it don't know that it's on disc or 'cut out' from the full game. If they did i'm sure there would be plenty more people voting with their wallets.

NYC_Gamer1993d ago

Its mainly because us gamers on forums who disagree with the greed tactics are the minority

Frankfurt1992d ago


Jesus Christ, learn the difference! Even Capcom's own PR says sales "lagged" for SFxT!

Boody-Bandit1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

SHIPPED = SOLD to the publisher / manufacturer selling a product.

Companies don't ship their products on consignment. The product is paid for and then the manufacturer / publisher ships the product. In other words the publisher already made their bank. It's that simple.

Also there is this thing called supply and demand. Distribution centers and retailers don't purchase said product without knowing the probable demand and sales that will ensue.

Boody-Bandit1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

I don't think there is a level of ignorance to truly describe how pathetic someone is when they disagree with a fact.

Shipped = sold to the manufacturer or publisher of the product. The company made their bank the minute the order was placed by the distributors and retailers. Products are not given to distributors and retailers on consignment, but hey, keep on living in denial and pretending there is a difference.

If Capcom shipped 1.4 million then they sold 1.4 million. Capcom or any other company could care less if their products is sitting somewhere on shelves collecting dust. They already made their bank and that's all that matters to them and their shareholders.

jetlian1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

explain GAME not getting EA and a few other companies games. they didnt pay up for the shipments they got.

Anyway we dont know what 1.4 million means. they could have sold that at an average of 40 bucks which isnt the same as 60.

So gamers may have semi voted with their wallets. I got the game at 50 and I may not get the dlc so it was a win for me.

Knushwood Butt1992d ago

You're correct about shipped = sold as far as the publisher is concerned.

The only thing I would add is that if the demand is low and retail prices drop, then I'm pretty sure the publisher has to discount any future shipments accordingly, in which case they may have sold the games but make less revenue.

Hufandpuf1992d ago

Who cares if shipped doesn't equal sold. They make money from shipping games, they could care less if those copies are actually bought, as long as the retailer orders more.

Burning_Finger1992d ago

That's not really a lot considering that there are 3 platform.

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